Exponential Harvest: Seeding the Dreamscape of the Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024

Artistic digital illustration of a woman's face emerging from an abstract, circular golden dreamscape adorned with delicate butterfly wings and cracks. The woman's eyes are closed, but dusted with red evoking themes of metamorphosis, inner wisdom and awakening consciousness.
© Rebecka Eggers 2024

One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all.
Go ask Alice when she's ten feet tall.

And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you're going to fall

Long, Pregant Pause (like an eclipse)

When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's off with her head

Remember what the dormouse said

Feed your head
Feed your head

Journal Prompts to Work With as You Travel Through the Portal Over the Next Few Weeks:

  • The Eye Walker: What parts of yourself have you been conditioned to fear or reject? What might it look like to reclaim the "Eye Walker" within - the intuitive, creative, magnetic power to shape reality? How might this challenge the foundations of systems of domination and oppression in your life and in the world?
  • The Cuckoo's Egg: Reflect on the ideas, beliefs, and stories that you've been "fed" by others. Which ones feel true to your own inner wisdom, and which ones feel like foreign "eggs" in your nest? What might it look like to "feed your head" with thoughts and ideas that are truly nourishing and aligned with your deepest truth? What parts of this journey do you actively choose for yourself and what parts feel like foreign "eggs" in your nest?
  • The Burning of the Tares: What old stories, patterns, or structures in your life are ready to be burned away? What new seeds are waiting to be planted in their place? How might this process of alchemical transformation be connected to the larger journey of world repair and collective healing?
  • The Red Queen's Beheading: In what ways are you being called to "lose your head" - to let go of old ways of thinking and perceiving in order to make space for a new consciousness to emerge? What might it feel like to surrender to the disorientation and discomfort of this "pregnant pause" between one experience of the world and another? Also, in what ways are you experiencing the arbitrary and absurd violence the Red Queen perpetrates in Wonderland (the distorted world where you meet your fears and the old logic and (dis)proportion fall sloppy dead?
  • The Blessing Synergy of Justice: How can you align your personal journey of healing and wholeness with the larger call to restore balance, justice, and right relationships in the world? What gifts and blessings are you being called to bring forth in service of this collective transformation?

Note: I have left some points unfinished in this piece so that you can fill in the ideas for yourself. These journal prompts target these open spaces (eclipses or voids in the narrative).

World Repair (Tikkun Olam): Together WE, no matter how different we are.

A good harvest balances personal fortune with the needs of the collective. A balanced harvest is never only for ourselves, for the sake of accumulation. Accumulation for its own sake is the root of instability for it does not seek to produce healthy fruit for the world. It exists only to aggrandize the producers.

A truly good harvest has hands and feet - our hands and feet.

Prophecy: In the backpack where we once carried our wounds as the everlasting weight of anguish and frustration, we will, in the immediate future, walk about with the seeds of an exponential harvest. We will look not to impose our solutions upon the world (as if from on high), but to form partnerships with others beside whom we walk in solidarity and agreement.

We are here to repair the world, to achieve rectification.

I am tempted to explain my choice of the Hebrew term "Tikkun Olam," especially in light of current world events. But not all things must be spoken aloud or brought to fruition so early in a journey. Some things must be left hanging in the air for contemplation and turned within our souls like parables.

In any event, future-forward defines this eclipse and so we have begun our journey with the heading, though we do not yet know how we will arrive.

With four additional words, we learn the principles that guide us:

Blessing Synergy of Justice.

Blessing: This word implies a wisdom that exceeds the thoughts and actions of any one person. It is a prayer. It asks that divine intervention bestow a favorable eye. When our fallible, human vision fails (as global events tell us it has), we require a re-vision of sight.

That revision can only come from the witnessing eye of someone who stands apart from the trauma. The blessing we seek is a rectification of our INner landscape such that the dreams we build and the actions we take stem from the wise transmission of a high-quality idea.

This is the beginning of our Kintsugi (the Japanese art of precious scars). The gold that binds the shattered pieces of our shattered narratives into the exponential harvest that will reflect the Face of Fortune is of the Spirit (in its many expressions the world over). No one has a monopoly on understanding the Spirit.

In the presence of this blessing, the logic and (dis)proportion of trauma, oppression, and domination must fall sloppy dead.

This perverted logic is held in the left brain delusion Iain McGilchrist has identified in his books. The left brain cannot see the whole picture. But the Spirit and the incorporation of the wise spaciousness of the right brain (like the right side of the Tree of Life) can restore an open perspective.

The Blessing breaks the Frame of Fuckery and gives us a new vision that will lay the marks of joy, provision, and togetherness upon our faces. As the old folks used to say, "Be careful what face you make. It will freeze that way."

May we receive the blessing and die of old age with love stories written in every wrinkle and with fulfillment shining in our eyes.

Synergy: Together WE can create more of what this new, Spirit vision recommends from the heart of its Totality.

Of Justice: Justice is Ma'at, the Egyptian goddess of cosmic truth and justice. It is also the central pillar of the Tree of Life that holds a dynamic balance between the fixative powers of the left side of the Tree and the spaciousness of the right.

Similarly, the corpus callosum facilitates dynamic communication between the polarities that CAN unite the new vision with the comprehensive perspective of the right brain and the power to fix and frame that arises in the left.

In short, Justice (Ma'at) first activates the communication between the polarities, eviscerates the errors of a fixated mind (that has lost its dynamism), and restores balance.

Therefore, we must seek the blessing that creates a synergy of restorative justice and repairs the world. But this is not purely a cosmic restoration. It must be carried out by the hands and feet of a people motivated by and submitted to the work. Our will and the Spirit's will must come together.

I have been pondering the story of Moses as the Tikkun Olam in action. If you look closely, it is not a dead story. It is alive today.

When I look, I do not see it as a war between deities. I see a conspiring cohort of gods each expressing a piece of Totality. The cruelties visited upon the Hebrew people were not of Ma'at. They were the fever dreams of the pharaohs put into action as cruelty and oppression.

Neither the Egyptian deities, who must enact Ma'at (truth, justice, and cosmic consciousness), nor the Hebrew (monotheistic) expression of one god could uphold the Egyptian regime that was described in the Book of Exodus. The pharaohs who oppressed the Hebrews and murdered the Hebrew children had gone rogue.

If you examine the plagues, they relate closely to Egyptian Neters and the functions they perform. One view suggests the Hebrew god slayed the Egyptian gods. Another suggests a cosmic Blessing Synergy of Justice. Ma'at was the singular command given to all pharaohs and Isfet (discord, unremitting chaos, and suffering) arises naturally when Ma'at is not kept.

The Exodus is BOTH an Egyptian story of Tikkun Olam and a Hebrew story of rectification and liberation.

To know this, you need to release the singular frame of a one-sided perspective and study the foundational principles at work on both sides of the story. The greatest mental error of all is the failure to take the view of every side.

If you are unable to do so, you must ask for help and be open to the interruption of your identity, sense of yourself, worldview, and actions. Silence and stillness are the best courses of INaction until TRUE and JUST understanding arises and until understanding produces wisdom.

In the story of the Exodus, Pharoah could not let go of his pride long enough to adjust to the whole picture. Some accounts say he lived to see the devastation of his entire army. Others say he died in the raging water of the Red Sea.

However ambiguous the fate of Pharoah and however uncertain the historical accuracy or actual date of these events, as the story is relayed, Ma'at would have commanded a restoration of balance. Pharoah demonstrated the profound Isfet that comes of IN-justice externalized and perpetrated upon those around you.

Isfet ...

The solar eclipse will take place conjunct Isfet (Eris) in the sign of Kheper-Ra (Aries).

Look all around you!

Though Kheper-Ra heralds a new beginning, it will come from our willingness to restore Ma'at. Need we play out the rest of the parable with prideful clinging to the Frame of Fuckery? Personally? Collectively?

Look at the Red Sea today!

Oh merciful disorder, awaken us. Oh sad discord, whisper wisdom in our ears. 

Tomorrow's eclipse is also conjunct Shai (the North Node). Shai works skillfully with the manifestations of the past that appear in front of him every moment. Destiny is realized when we do the same. He is often coupled with Renenet (Ceres), the Harvest.

This is the wheel of life, the circle of birth and death, growth and decay, with which we merge in order to have a physical existence. ∞ The Book of Doors

A good harvest requires we understand and work skillfully with growth AND decay. Herein lies our freedom from bondage.

But what exactly is bondage?

It is the separation of the creative force from its source. This can manifest in things like slavery that utilize another's creativity and life force to enrich another. Or in economic systems that distort returns with vast inequity. But it can also manifest as pride.

Pharoah actively created his own demise because he forgot that Ma'at commands him and his throne is given by Isis. In short, he mistook himself for a singular phenomenon and his pride destroyed him. He lost the ground of his power and he lost the cosmic command he was empowered to uphold. He began to enrich himself at the expense of the principles that governed his reign.

Pharoah then used his institutional power to destroy a nation - his nation.

Shai signals a turn for the better. But there is a price: humbly and skillfully work with the tangible results of our past creative movements and concomitant choices.

We are ALL perilously close to drowning in the Red Sea.

Isfet is operating to tell us something is terribly, tragically wrong.

May the faulty (trauma) logic and (dis)proportion that built this mess fall sloppy dead while there is still time to BUILD a new world.

Chasing Rabbits

Rabbit is one star of this eclipse show.

Rabbit reminds us of the consequences that arise when fear leads us to betray a powerful friend because we fear their power and our own.

Fear becomes our teacher.

We once were great friends and companions, but no more. It is within my power to destroy you, but because of the past and the medicines we have shared together, I will not do this. But from this day forward I lay a curse on you and your tribe. From now on you will call your fears and your fears will come to you. Be on your way, for the sweet medicines that bound us together as friends are broken.

∞ Eye Walker the Witch to Rabbit, Medicine Cards

Rabbit calls upon us to face our fears and wrestle with the ways in which those fears lead us to make powerless choices that harm ourselves and others.

Powerlessness (or learned helplessness, a hallmark of inescapable trauma) is often as dangerous as the misuse of power itself. Powerlessness leads us to choose from what we fear, not what we desire or value. It leads us to call and magnetize our fears. They come to us.

In the throws of trauma, we accept learned helplessness as the command of the abuser. It is a survival strategy. But it is a strategy that can never allow us to thrive. We remain imprisoned in the trauma even once it ends. We fear our power to act (when we should discern the presence of danger if we do not).

This eclipse is challenging us to heal amid the active traumas that are unfolding around the world. We are also in visceral contact with our deepest personal wounds.

With Imhotep (Chiron) in Kheper-Ra conjunct the eclipse, we are confronting our collective and personal pain. But we are doing so with the great doctor of ancient Egypt by our sides. His symbol is the caduceus. In it, the polarities of growth and decay (with which Shai diligently works as he turns the wheel of destiny) are personified as the twin serpents of darkness and light.

By chasing our inner rabbits, we are reversing another trauma response, flight. Instead of running from the things we fear, we are facing them with courage. We are chasing them down and looking them in the eye with the power to reinvision our lives.

In the pregnant pause between worlds, the power of choice resides. Imhotep will be there. He will speak the magical incantations that protect our souls as we pass out of powerlessness into power.

It may feel as though we are dying. But it's okay. The tares planted alongside the good wheat of our harvest will soon be burning.

The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares:

24 Another parable He put forth to them, saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field; 25 but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. 26 But when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop, then the tares also appeared. 27 So the servants of the owner came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have tares?’ 28 He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ The servants said to him, ‘Do you want us then to go and gather them up?’ 29 But he said, ‘No, lest while you gather up the tares you also uproot the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.” ’ ” ∞ Matthew 13:24-30

In short, we must get to the bottom of things, break the curse (burn the tares), and re-enchant ourselves with the Blessing we seek (the harvest). 

Pain is not our enemy. Like Isfet, it alerts us to something we must face and attend.

We must reclaim our creative power. We must speak and act for the future we long to experience. But we will encounter a wall of fear as we do so.

Re-enchanting ourselves is a forbidden act of power. We fear the very thing that will cure us.

To achieve this reclamation of creative power, we must delve into the deeper meaning of this story about Eye Walker.

Let's begin with a simple question:

How did Rabbit wind up cursed to a life of attracting his fears?

Rabbit's friend, Eye Walker, the witch, used her magical powers on Rabbit's behalf and he rejected her because her power frightened him.

I do not know the origins of this story or its meaning in the context of the Indigenous nation from which it hales. But it speaks to me here and now. I believe it holds powerful wisdom that can unlock the way into wholeness.

To see what I see, you need some background from the witch trials, which unfolded (surprisingly) during the Renaissance and the Age of Reason. At that time, much of the world was also actively and violently being colonized by European powers, and later, by the new American nation, the United States.

This was also a time when the functions of the left brain were prized over the right brain inducing a kind of collective delusion. Ian McGilchrist's work (referenced earlier) suggests that the dominance of left-brain thinking contributes to this delusion, via which the world is seen only in parts.

Under this left-brain delusion, we are unable to appreciate the whole or the connections that bind all the parts together. McGilchrist calls for a balance, where the qualities and perspectives of both hemispheres are integrated, leading to a more nuanced, comprehensive understanding of the world.

The left brain is considered masculine because masculinity is associated with the things most prized during these historical periods: logic and reason.

As a part of the colonization and witch trial era, religion was co-opted to assign the male gender to God, which effectively deified the left brain functions also. This resulted in two other consequences:

  • the association of women, and thereby, right-brain ways of knowing and thinking, with evil; and
  • the occupation of our primal INstincts (also considered to be animalistic).

Make no mistake. This was not purely a development of culture. A culture and a system of violence and domination were developing around a new economic arrangement. That arrangement depended upon all of these factors.

Chief among the sustaining factors of the new order:

We learned to fear the Eye Walker in ourselves.

A witch impacts the world via her inherent creative power and the mastery of the twin forces or polarities. Changing magnetic fields in electromagnetism provides an apt metaphor:

Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction shows that a changing magnetic field induces an electric field. This principle is used in generators and transformers.

Think of Eye Walker as the magnetism that alters the electric field. Think of the electric field as a metaphor for the manifested world. Eye Walker's magnetism is right-brained and instinctual. It changes the manifested world by changing itself.

The world we are witnessing spin out of control cannot abide dynamism. It depends upon static hierarchies. It violates the only absolute rule of nature:


When there is no movement, the loss of dynamism creates imbalance and the order becomes unstable (with the instability forcing change and movement). Fearful efforts to stabilize the collapse only make it more unstable.

Better to give chase!

And, if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you are going to fall

Pregnant Pause.

Remember that you wound up in the predicament because occupying your INstincts with terror and shutting down your ability to access the big picture was part of the plan.

This is what built the Frame of Fuckery.

You have been electricity moving according to the occupation of your magnetism.


Call upon the Blessing, ask for your divine wholeness to be restored, face your fears, and evict the squatters occupying your INner world.

When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's off with her head

Thoth (Mercury) is retrograde and will be exactly conjunct Isfet. This could be interpreted literally as talking backward, which reflects the nonsensical gibberish of our thoughts as the logic and (dis)proportion fall sloppy dead. Certainly, there is disorientation as our inner tares burn. It could also be talking us back into the wholeness that once allowed us access to the fullness of ourselves, Earth, and the Spirit.

This is a discordant moment. But it is replete with the divine creative power of the Word.

In The Ruby Mirror Tarot, the Knights represent the flash of INspiration that comes through as a fresh idea in each of the 4 suits. Kabbalistically, the Knights of the tarot are the Yodh of the Hebrew divine name. Thus the White Knight is the divine spark, the seed and source of all creation. You could interpret this retrograde as this Divine spark being INternalized within each of us.

The color, white, represents the initial clarity and purity of the idea.

Thoth retrograde, like the White Knight of the song, can also suggest a restoration of communication between parts of ourselves and a more balanced connection between the left and right hemispheres of our brains.

Finally, both the song and the seemingly retrograde motion of Thoth bring up the power of our INner voices. It suggests a pregnant pause that pulls our focus inward for a reckoning with the stories that are breaking down and breaking apart.

Discord, disorder, and chaos within and around us are also calling upon us to craft a narrative re-vision - to put words to the our sight and the new vision we are receiving via the Blessing.

In the eclipse chart, we find the Red Queen (Isis emanating through Kheper-Ra, the creative fire of a new beginning) at the opposite end of the eclipse stellium (of 7 heavenly bodies).  So, the earlier degree of Kheper-Ra is Isis at 4 degrees and the latest are Isfet and Thoth at 24 degrees.

The Red Queen is almost conjunct Shai (the North Node).

On the one hand, the Red Queen in the story of Alice in Wonderland, represents the absurdity and arbitrary nature of violence we are dealing with in this wonky world. The generational memory of World War II has faded. The order it gave rise to (in which the United States, for better or worse, determined who was a part of the world), is falling apart.

The conditions that created that world order no longer exist. This is not metaphorical. It is practical and material. It relates to the changing material and geopolitical reality. Things like population demographics, climate change, and challenges to the monetary power of the United States are altering the world irretrievably. The result is an irrational march toward war and conflict that are already destroying millions of lives.

But the Red Queen speaks to a deeper shift as well. The painful issues we are experiencing personally and collectively stem from an outmoded consciousness and limited, fixed perspectives. We are facing a trauma synergy in which together we are doing more harm.

This is why we need the Blessing Synergy of Justice to take hold. It's also why we need a perspective that confronts our recalcitrant perceptual "reality" from outside all this trauma.

In many traditions, the severing of the head represents the powerful moment when the old Frame of Fuckery gives way to wisdom and true understanding. Specifically, the severed head symbolizes renewal in the Mexica tradition of ancient Mexico. It is an act we perform within ourselves.

The dual meaning of the Red Queen is captured in the words of our theme song because it is vague as to whether the Red Queen is beheading others (as in Wonderland) or breaking the Frame of Fuckery so that something new can come alive in us.

Renenet, the Harvest, is emanating through Khnemu (Capricorn). She is another aspect of Isis. Khnemu is the Lord of the Redshift because he is the potter who fashioned human beings according to the blueprint of creation. His hands-on creative expression places his essence in all things (just as our essence goes into our creations).

The blueprint he transmits to us not only determines our design. It establishes the rules and terms of our existence. Khnemu's work is never done. He is constantly modifying our inner blueprint so that we can achieve the next creative movement.

Renenet in Khenmu is squaring the eclipse, and the North and South Nodes (Shai and Apep). Apep (the illusions cast as shadows when the Frame of Fuckery breaks apart) is in Ma'at (Libra). The Blessing Synergy of Justice comes alive right here and breaks the Frame of Fuckery. But, whew, it's casting some confusion and throwing some illusions!

Renenet is also squaring Imhotep, and opposing the Point of Fortune in (Cancer) Geb, Nut, Shu 1, 2, 4 (Shu and Tefnut are the two sides of one universal, inseparable mind).

This is where the Red Queen's command (off with her head) comes to pass. The old consciousness obscured the power of Tefnut - cut us off from our deeper knowing. That old consciousness must be extracted and removed so that it can be replaced.

To receive the renewal of consciousness and the re-vision of our sight, we need a touch from the wholeness of the universal mind of Totality, the Spirit's mind. We cannot achieve this breakdown of the old from within the consciousness that created the Frame of Fuckery.

Recall that Neith is weaving and crossing energies at 8 degrees of Ptah (Sagittarius), and she is retrograde. Remember that the Sabian Symbol for this suggests the renewal of life deep within us and the Earth. This is bone-deep weaving. It will cross the energies of the new order contained in the harvest blueprints with the seeds already in the ground of our being. They are also already within the Earth (alive in the material world and waiting for the spark that will send them in search of the Sun).

Profound renewal is coming to pass deep within us. It is forcing us to choose what will "nourish" us.

Will we continue to be fed by the panic and the constant drama that comes from sustaining the dangerously outmoded Frame of Fuckery? Or will we be nourished by the Blessing of a good INner harvest that manifests in the world around us?

The Renenet squares together with an opposition between Renenet and the Point of Fortune form a cardinal T-square as the eclipse. Thoth and Chiron are also squaring the Point of Fortune.

So much tension is naturally present in the eclipse chart. It is begging for a release.

Choose carefully. This is not only about releasing the tension from your body or your emotions. It is a portal. It leads to a whole new experience of life that will transform into the Blessing Synergy of Justice and establish the Face of Fortune.

But we have to move through the portal, meet the healing hand of Imhotep, and build our lives according to the new blueprint. It does not matter what the rest of the world is doing in one important sense:

Only the new blueprint requires our attention. It is not that we will cease to watch and discern. But we will do so with a renewed, revised vision that assesses all through the lens of the blueprint.

Oh, did you feel that? Renenet is trine Horus (Jupiter) and Udjit (Uranus). This is both expansive and targeted. The seeds of the Harvest have just been quickened with the flow of creative energy that produces spiritual awakening.

As a result, these seeds are not ordinary seeds. The Harvest is not an ordinary harvest. Both are alive with the primordial serpent power that connects us to the Spirit. Likewise, the Harvest will be robust and exponential because Horus is present and his energy is expansive.

A trine signifies the sudden removal of barriers. Sudden transformation is underway. What does "sudden" mean? I would not be watching the clock if I were you. I would not view this through the lens of linear time. It's deep time and its mark is right timing. The timing is determined by the nature of the Harvest, not the other way around.

There is also a sextile with Sobek (Saturn) in Sepdet (Pisces). This is a yin sextile that is calling upon us to create the opportunity. We are being given the coordinates. We can create an opportunity that crosses the Harvest and the systems and structures of our lives. It will come alive in the world of matter as more than one harvest. If we throw our weight behind it, this will become a systemic Blessing Synergy of Justice, a continual harvest that can nourish and sustain us.

Remember what the Doormouse said. 
Feed your head. 
Feed your head.

The Doormouse is the keeper of the threshold. Mice are keenly attuned to danger and details. In the original Alice in Wonderland, the Doormouse tells nonsensical stories and often falls asleep mid-sentence. The Doormouse of Wonderland is not functioning well. His INstincts are muted. His messages are muddled.

But in the Jefferson Airplane classic, the White Rabbit, which was adapted to the Matrix series, the Doormouse holds the key.

You must feed your head.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate this is with the predatory nesting practices of the cuckoo bird. These predatory birds drop their eggs into the nest of another bird species. The other bird then tends the egg until it hatches. The host bird feeds the cuckoo at the expense of its brood.

This is called brood parasitism. The intruder egg arrives in disguise and the host is fooled into caring for it as if it is one of its own brood.

Your head is the nest and the brood is your creative projects deprived of life-sustaining nourishment.

The moment you let someone slip an idea in your head that is not your own and which does not originate as a high-quality idea of the Spirit, you wind up nourishing the demise of your creative movements and suffering the consequences of a rogue mind.

Pay attention to the details! What is in your nest that does not belong?

Perhaps this is what happened to the Pharaohs in the Book of Exodus?!

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