Puzzle Pieces: The Alchemy of an Identity Crisis

First Eclipses 2024: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, New Moon Solar Eclipse

An artistic photograph of a mask painted in black gold, white, and red, to look like the pieces of a puzzle and to symbolize personal metamorphosis via the alchemy of an identity crisis.
© Rebecka Eggers 2024

Before this journey is over, every required piece must find its place in the grand design of the puzzle.

Right now, wounds are dancing about in the hidden space of the heavy backpack of burdens you wish you could cast off for good.

Tears of loss, frustration, and futile efforts are the water breaking. The primordial chaos, the great unbounded sea of potential, has just been activated by the impulse to create. In an instant, the impulse-turned-idea begins to take shape. Suddenly you have a new face for a new age.

Just as you glimpse it, the light flickers (like the lights of a theater are turned off and on to signal intermission is almost over).

The reflection into which you so joyfully gazed for just a few precious moments disappears.

You cast off the backpack, as any weary traveler would.

You were bathed in the hope of a moonlit night and suddenly darkness snatched away your delectable vision and left you with a torturous visual silence.

Blind to the reflection that could have been your reference point, you are left to feel your way through.

Perhaps searching for a drink of water, you open the backpack and find the shattered pieces of what were once anguished, yet intact, memories - whole stories made of matter.

Now what?


Destiny has just smashed your history with one fleeting glance into the face of what can be.

Remember, just because you can't see the fire of your passion doesn't mean it isn't there.

We've just valiantly entered the world of prophecy. The word (Thoth aka Mercury) is nestled in the healing space between the medicine man (Imhotep aka Chiron) and the discordant presence (Isfet aka Eris) that has made you search for novelty.  In this place, the word commands the reflection, not the other way around.

Your medicine?

The Harvest.

Or rather your hunger for it.

That intense craving to finally possess your desired outcome is forcing you to make a move. This is not an ordinary move. It's not a move you would normally make. It is replete with tension.

You are resisting this move. You don't know who to be with all your stories and airtight alibis cracked and crumbling.

You are suddenly the potential protagonist in a story you don't yet understand.

And all around you, the world has gone mad.

So, quite naturally, you have glued your feet to the familiar ground even as it rumbles. You stay put even as fire springs up like water escaping from an underground reservoir.

That's good. Be still for a moment because there is equal pressure on two moves:

destiny and a disastrous repetition of your last creative movement.

Don't mind the fire. It's too far away to do any real damage unless you stoke it too soon.

Right on time, a spotlight reveals the solid rock of your salvation. A boulder has risen out of the Earth.

Take a seat.

If you listen to the babbling brook in the distance, Fortune is whispering sweet nothings:

something about INdividuated opposites attracting!

You are the space in the middle, the pivot point. You sit at the apex between what you are being called to build from the shattered pieces in your backpack and the temptation to reconstruct all those familiar narratives.

Welcome to your identity crisis!

The tension you feel is between Perilous Nostalgia and Prophecy.

Don't say a thing other than to utter this prayer:

May I listen well and may I speak with the master's tongue!

Many voices are broadcasting in the night air. Many stories are casting about in search of someone who will build them into systems and give them structural supports.

Tune your ear to the sound of opportunity instead.

The great lady who weaves is rising up from the fiery lava at the core of the Earth. Upon completing her ascent, she places two arrows beside you. These are the arrows of time (one for the past and one for the future). But you won't receive your bow just yet.

Inside you, she begins to speak (withIN) so no one can hear the master plan.

The first opportunity lies between this weaver woman, Neith (Pallas Athena), and the cleansing darkness of your eclipsed reflection. The Moon is now at rest in the dynamic balance of Ma'at (Libra) reflecting nothing whatsoever. Instead, it is posing an open question.

This is a South Node eclipse, which means the last creative movement has ended - unless you choose to walk the same path anew (and to recreate the reflection of the weary, worn-down traveler who takes forever to arrive).

Neith's magic and Amon-Ra, the Sun are collaborating. She has begun weaving a true representation of that face you glimpsed. Though you cannot see it without the mirror, Neith is weaving the blueprint from which you must sculpt the reflection you most value.

The sudden loss of all your old content has left a vacancy in your soul into which Neith is weaving the master plan of your neXt creative movement. The X represents the conscious crossing and weaving of energies.

Osiris (Pluto), who represents your soul in a state of metamorphosis is in the sign of Satet (Aquarius), the Egyptian water-bearer. This is the second opportunity as Osiris is forming a sextile with Amon-Ra.

Satet's divinatory meaning references the right time for sending your energies outward.

Satet is the bringer of the bow! She'll give it to you when the time is right, at the precise moment when you finally understand the significance of this identity crisis.

Satet pours out the living water necessary to revitalize the cracked, parched lands (and to wash away the debris). This living water brings about a new cycle of growth.

I knew there was a reason you were searching for water in your backpack. HAHAHA!


I have found the narrative twist that is meant for US.

Yes. Just like that!

What, did you imagine me standing apart from this journey? Did you assume I had it all figured out from the first word I typed?


In any event, here is our answer:

The face you (and I) must sculpt is the Face of Fortune.

It's simple math. Really, it is!

1, 2, 4.

The arrow of the past hits the mark of linear progression, 1, 2, 3 (which, compared to the world coming alive around you now, is like not moving at all).

The arrow of the future hits the mark of exponential change.

The future-forward move you make now will multiply (not add).

The challenge:

Fortune's Face must become your face via Kintsugi, the Japanese art of precious scars.

A profound wound has attached itself to your most precious dream. The face you glimpsed is who you can be when you have made peace with yourself and dissolved the hold pain has placed upon your Fortune:

the place of potential happiness, success, and well-being in your life.

This "place" is the internal space of flourishing AND the physical location on Earth that is your thriving land (the ground upon which your dreams can be built).

Neith, the great weaver and equally powerful warrior (Pallas Athena in Roman archetypes) will be at 8 degrees of Ptah (Sagittarius) during the lunar eclipse. She will retrograde back to this spot for the upcoming Solar Eclipse.

Ptah is the vehicle through which the creative fire takes form in us, he is the living fire in the house of our flesh.

The Sabian Symbol for 8 degrees of Sagittarius signals new elements forming deep within the Earth. It points to our dreams as the seeds that must be brought to blossoming within and around us, on our land, and deep within our hearts.

Udjit (Uranus) in Hathor (Taurus) is the flow of creative energy and power moving in and acting upon the ground. During this eclipse, Udjit (the great serpent power) will trine Renenet (Ceres), the Harvest. Currently, the Harvest is in its most nascent form. It is present only as the dream seeds we have or will place in the deep, dark, rich, fertile soil.

The trine indicates that all obstacles between the flow of creative energy and those seeds are being removed suddenly.

You need to understand that Udjit is not just creative flow.

She is the power of creative flow invigorated by a spiritual awakening.

The meaning of this awakening is held within the Part of Fortune at 7 degrees of Geb-Nut-Shu (Cancer). Geb and Nut are united by their shared creation, Shu, the air and space between the heavens and the Earth.

While this may look like 1+2=3, it's actually 1+2=4.

Wherever Shu is present, Tefnut is by his side. They are the two parts of one Universal mind (the left and right hemispheres of the brain free of distortions).

The secret to unlocking the mystery of this exponential formula is the union of opposites held together by just the right degree of separation (as is revealed by Geb and Nut, the Earth and the Sky who are separated by their mutual creation, air, or universal consciousness expressed in the matter of our brains - Shu and Tefnut).

The right and left hemispheres of your brain are united by the corpus callosum, which mediates and manages their joint functions. The left side of the brain frames and builds what is created within the dark, spacious, INstinctual, INsightful right brain.

The only way to put the puzzle of your new face (and reflection) together is to break the frame of your wound (the outcome of your last creative movement directed and controlled not by your creative power, but by the traumas you have endured). That is to say, your left brain built not from your pure creative impulse, but from the dictates of ancestral, personal, and collective oppression.

Oppression is just your creative power separated from its source, namely your own divine creative impulse, by, in the simplest terms, your previous circumstances.

Renenet (the Harvest) is squaring both the Nodes (Apep who represents the shadows cast by the shattering of the content and Shai who turns the wheel toward the future by working skillfully with the raw material of the past - the precious scars).

Renenet is provoking and tempting you to take this critical action:

assemble from the broken pieces, the precious scars of your past, the Face of Fortune, and the place of your thriving.


You can shoot the arrow of the past instead and negate the exponential change that is possible for you now. If you shoot that arrow, the pieces in your backpack will reform. They will take their usual shape and rebuild the familiar structures.

If you shoot the arrow of the past, the weary walk of the wounded dreamer will continue.

You have a little time on your side because this lunar eclipse is only the beginning. It's telling you what to do. Nieth is weaving the blueprint. But the final arrow does not make a mark in the outer world (at least not directly). It strikes a target that is deep within you.

As Neith turns retrograde in the sign of Ptah, Satet will supply the bow.

The arrow of the future will turn Udjit's creative flow on withIN the dream seeds you still carry in your heart. And the new ones you choose to plant.

Renenet is in the sign of Khenemu (Capricorn). She, the Harvest sits with the guardian at the gates of matter.

The arrow you choose to shoot dictates the rules.

The strongest choice you can make:

At the precise moment, speak Fortune's prophecy (Thoth/Mercury is in the sign of Kheper-Ra/Aries) and start building according to your Harvest Decree.


Kheper-Ra is not merely an initiation into the new. A flash in the mirror will not be enough. Your hands are required!

The REDSHIFT Renaissance isn't just activated. It's constructed.

By contrast, your old habits will take you backward in an instant, if you let them. They have the force of momentum and inertia.

Don't feel overwhelmed. You have some additional help!

Horus (Jupiter), the Lord of Flourishing is conjunct Udjit in the sign of Hathor. Inherent in Hathor is the pleasure of the feminine principle loved, tended, and capable of sustaining and nourishing life on Earth.

Seth (Mars), the Lord of Death and Renewal is currently in the sign of Sepdet (Pisces) and getting ready to form a conjunction with Sobek (Saturn, or that which binds matter into form and structure). That means none of this is metaphorical. This is about structures and systems undergoing deconstruction and reconstruction.

Sepdet is the power of wholeness. Within her, all polarities naturally exist in the dynamic, creative balance of Ma'at. She is like the Tree of Life.

After the upcoming solar eclipse, Seth will complete his conjunction with Sobek and then conjunct Nu (aka Neptune, the watery, chaotic, primordial abyss) where he will take on either the new impulse to create the Face of Fortune or your footfault into Perilous Nostalgia.

Once Seth moves into Kheper-Ra, he too will be fully renewed and clear in his purpose:

Destroy the Face of Fortune or destroy the Frame of Fuckery

To be clear, the Frame of Fuckery is a trap made of endless rounds of death and rebirth. If you don't destroy it, those dream seeds will go back to sleep and you will have to start trying to fix the fuckery all over again.

Perilous Nostalgia, indeed!

For now, I will leave you with this excerpt from a poem I wrote many years ago:

Take a moment to enter the secret places,
Where you have stored,
And almost forgotten,
The dreams you once knew so intimately,
Like the beat of your own heart.

I will add to that ...

And dare to dream again with the same dynamic fervor.

But this time, dream without the Frame of Fuckery distorting your desire and misplacing your sense of value.

Dream the dreams of Fortune.

I don't know about you, but mine begin not with "Once upon a time" but with "Together WE." No matter how different we are.



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