The Fortunate Mage in the Mirror

Mars Conjunct Neptune & Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

A mysterious figure draped in a dark, star-speckled cloak and a red plaid scarf, with a wide-brimmed hat adorned with golden trim and a central red gemstone. This enigmatic character's face is artfully painted with gold and black swirls, their hand elegantly posed near their chin in thoughtful contemplation, set against a blurred autumnal forest backdrop.
© Rebecka Eggers 2024

Theme Song: Silent Lucidity by Queensrÿche

Hush now, don't you cry
Wipe away the teardrop from your eye
You're lying safe in bed
It was all a bad dream spinning in your head

Your mind tricked you to feel the pain
Of someone close to you leaving the game of life
So here it is, another chance
Wide awake you face the day, your dream is over
Or has it just begun?

There's a place I like to hide
A doorway that I run through in the night
Relax child, you were there
But only didn't realize and you were scared

It's a place where you will learn
To face your fears, retrace the years
And ride the whims of your mind
Commanding in another world
Suddenly you hear and see this magic new dimension

will be watching over you

(I) am gonna help you see it through
(I) will protect you in the night
(I) am smiling next to you, in silent lucidity

I can't do this
Visualize your dream, record it in the present tense
Put it into a permanent form
If you persist in your efforts, you can achieve dream control
How's that then, better?
Dream control, dream control
Help me

If you open your mind for me
You won't rely on open eyes to see
The walls you built within
Come tumbling down, and a new world will begin

Living twice at once, you learn
You're safe from the pain in the dream domain
A soul set free to fly
A round trip journey in your head
Master of illusion, can you realize
Your dream's alive, you can be the guide but

will be watching over you
(I) am gonna help you see it through
(I) will protect you in the night
(I) I'm smiling next to you


Previously on The Ruby Mirror, we explored the profound transformations and challenges brought forth by the Ma'at (Libra) lunar and the Kheper-Ra (Aries) solar eclipses. We uncovered the need to break free from old patterns and narratives that no longer serve us. We broke the Frame of Fuckery!

These events called upon us to engage in the sacred work of Tikkun Olam (world repair). We learned the importance of aligning our personal healing with the collective restoration of balance and right (partnership vs. domination) relationships. We accepted the call to embrace our precious scars as we craft the Face of Fortune (and break the Frame of Fuckery).

Finally, we learned the importance of feeding our heads (brains) to unleash our Primal Voices (our ORIGINAL EXPRESSION). We brought The Fortunate Mage to life within us as the one who bears and builds the Face of Fortune.

Throughout these journeys, the theme of the "Harvest" emerged as a central motif – an invitation to plant and harvest the seeds of a new future, a Blessing Synergy of Justice and Prosperity, that balances our deepest truths, the things we value, our desires, and the greater good of all.

Journal Prompts:

  • What limiting beliefs or "profoundly bad ideas" are you ready to release in order to reclaim your innate creative power?
  • Reflect on a time when you experienced a powerful conjunction of forces that birthed a new possibility in your life. What did you learn about the alchemy of transformation?
  • How might embodying the archetype of the Fortunate Mage transform your relationship with Death and empower you to embrace radical reINvention?
  • Envision yourself as a sovereign creator, weaving a new golden spiral of inspired becoming. What actions can you take today to establish this vision in the material realm?
  • As you stand on the threshold of the REDSHIFT Renaissance, what mysteries are you most excited to explore and integrate into your unfolding story?
Products featuring a mysterious figure draped in a dark, star-speckled cloak and a red plaid scarf, with a wide-brimmed hat adorned with golden trim and a central red gemstone. This enigmatic character's face is artfully painted with gold and black swirls, their hand elegantly posed near their chin in thoughtful contemplation, set against a blurred autumnal forest backdrop.
© Rebecka Eggers 2024
Journals and a coffee mug displaying artwork called "Blooming in the Nightshade."
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Let it be known and noted that on April 23, 2024, at 5:37:48 PM CST, Fortune overtook the Mage. On this date, the Part of Fortune joined with Isis (Venus) at 23 degrees, 13 minutes of Kheper-Ra (Aries).

23 degrees corresponds to the number 5, which in Egyptian alchemy, heralds a most fortunate event indeed: the distillation of the essence.

The number 5, is the number of Isis.

Five is the quintessence, the distillation, the magical functioning beyond the phenomenal.

∞ The Book of Doors

The number 13 corresponds to the number 4, which establishes the fortunate event in the material world.

Four is the four elements, the foundation of the material form.

∞ The Book of Doors

Four is the number of Kheper-Ra.

The Fortunate Mage is not one mage, but potentially billions. This new identity is available to anyone (of any gender) willing and ready to leave the path of powerlessness (learned helplessness) for The Passion Path® where Passionate Warriors come alive, institutional power loses its fragile hold, and anti-fragile sorcery gives The Fortunate Mage the upper hand.

The upper hand is not what you might imagine it to be!

But allow me to back up.

The Frame of Fuckery was just a stale reflection we still believed was real (a persistent and dangerous illusion). Now the current, updated reflection is available. Look! The Face of Fortune is staring back at us.

Not all of us, of course.

Only those who undertake the identity shift withIN can see the realm of the REDSHIFT Renaissance taking shape (as shown in the nascent, still-developing garden beginning to flourish in the watercolor backdrop).

Only those who submit fully to the new idea can look into the reflection of the material world and see The Fortunate Mage and her environment staring back at them.

Only those who activate AND establish The REDSHIFT Renaissance as the wildly creative age of Radical ReINvention can access her power.

Why is creativity the key that unlocks The Fortunate Mage's power?

Because the ultimate form of oppression separates the creative force from its source (giving its production to someone else by design).

The Frame of Fuckery held this reflection for a very long time. In it, the emissary (whose job it is to carry out INner blueprints of creative genius), fell under the control of an external master.

Humanity's left brain (the conductor for the creative FORCE or CURRENT) has been controlled by outside forces. Generations after this began, under this foreign influence, we have nearly destroyed everything in service to the occupying force.

The occupying force isn't so terrifying if you know what it is: a profoundly bad idea.

Without the idea we are free.

What is the idea? Patience dear one! Get it ONE. No? Okay, ONE more minute ... HAHAHAHA!

Bottom line: For many, Isis and the Part of Fortune came together, created a momentary flash in the reflecting pool, and disappeared. But for you, if you choose her, the Fortunate Mage will unleash your all-consuming, fully revised reality.

Linear time will not control this shift into a creative, flourishing fusion of fortune.

It will not unfold as the basic counting (1, 2, 3) of steps. Nor will you be granted access via your dictated terms, according to the hour on the clock you believe strikes destiny.

But with the number one, the first pure, clear impulse to create, the count will begin as an exponential multiplication of impact, 1, 2, 4, 8 ...

For now, there are hidden truths yet to be explored.

In nature, exponential change often begins as a Fibonacci or golden spiral represented as a sequence of numbers in which the last two numbers are added to deliver the third:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 ...

When just the right intervening influence intersects the spiral, it sparks exponential growth or transformation.

In this case, the first impulse to create meets the force of action.

Important Note: I left out the zero that usually sits at the beginning of the Fibonacci numerical sequence, because, in Egyptian alchemy, there is no zero point. In ancient Egypt, there was no zero at all!

The invention of the number zero, in about the eighth century AD, "negated the ancient and revered spiritual concept of Unity, for with the adoption of zero, Unity loses its first position and becomes merely a quantity among other quantities." ∞ Sacred Geometry by Robert Lawler

... Neter Neteru, although unnumbered, is not zero. It is the "wild card" that exists in each and every other card. It is the underlying, unifying prematerial essence of reality. ∞ The Book of Doors

The absence of the zero indicates that everything in the golden spiral (or otherwise) begins when the original impulse to create arises within the whole.

Back to the Spiral: The golden spiral, inspired by the Fibonacci sequence and artistically depicted on The Fortunate Mage’s cheek, is deeply embedded in myriad natural patterns and structures—from the arrangement of leaves and flowers to the spirals of galaxies. It serves as both the graphical representation and the mathematical expression of the natural growth patterns and proportional aesthetics observed in various biological formations and phenomena.

A compounding influence is necessary to shift from the golden spiral to a wild, unrestrained exponential growth or metamorphosis. This effect can come from the network effect of partnerships (going beyond oneself and one's personal trajectory of transformation to collective, collaborative metamorphosis). It can also come from INnovations (like AI) that have a compounding impact on possibility. But without ACTION somewhere along the line, nothing will happen at all.

Alchemically, the two sequences (golden spiral and exponential) intersect within the first 20 numbers of each at four places 1, 2, 4, and 8.

Important Note: Although there is no actual 4 in the Fibonacci sequence, what have we learned about the presence of the number 3? It implies the number 4 (at least in our myth it does because Shu, the third produced by the union of Geb and Nut, always implies his counterpart, Tefnut).

In these intersections rest profound lessons on creativity, sorcery, and life.

The equations 1 + 1 and 1 x 2 are extremely symbolic as they represent the great energy mother and father of Kabbalah, Egyptian alchemy, Hindu mythology, and the Mexica traditions of ancient and modern Mexico (to name a few).

The initial two (unrepeated) numbers of all three sequences are both linear (addition) and exponential (multiplication).

1 + 1 = 2 and 1 x 2 = 2.

In terms of the golden spiral, it is neither linear nor exponential. It is somewhere in between (perhaps like Ma'at or the central pillar of the Tree of Life). In the Fibonacci sequence, we witness an essential truth (which remains hidden in both linear and exponential change): the visual representation of the second number one.

1, 1, 2, 3 (linear), or 4 (exponential).

In either case (linear or exponential), the progression from 1 to 2 conceals the profound esoteric secret of electromagnetism and alchemy that is so obvious in the numerical progression at the beginning of the golden spiral, namely the co-emergent, co-creative presence of 1 and 1 (just like 3 and 4).

Suddenly we can see via the visual representation in the number sequence. The two 1s do not become a single number (wholly united in the two). Nor do they remain two separate numbers (like two IIs (or I-ndividuals), side-by-side).

The secret of the golden spiral is not one, not two.

Just as in a conjunction, two entities with distinct characteristics (a duality of entities) form a momentary connection. The possibility of a new creation is expressed. If understood (distilled, 5) and established (4), the REDSHIFT Renaissance comes alive as a new order of material reality.

As for the reflection?

The change in the reflection (the emergence of the Fortunate Mage in the Mirror) is explained by the astrological meaning of a conjunction:

a basic unit of the self or ... the chart changes into something else ... the intruder has the upper hand because it is foreign, new to the scene. The chart has no defense against it because it has become one with the chart. ∞ Predictive Astrology

Of course, we all know who called upon Fortune to "invade."

Lay down your defenses!

Recall that exponential change and the Fibonacci sequence intersect at 1, 2, 4, and 8. We have already learned the lessons of 1, 2, and 4 (establishing the sequence and its multiplication through action).

But what of the number 8 or ∞?

This is the point at which the eternal expression of the Fibonacci sequence can be (re)established. The real problem with the profoundly bad idea we discussed earlier?

No matter how much it appears to move, it never moves at all.

It just proliferates.

The Book of Doors begins with eight primordials or 4 primordial pairs. The number 8 completes the creative movement established via the functions of these 4 primordial pairs. Thus, it is the number of Death. It tells us in no uncertain terms that death is the key to a sustained sequence of creative movements.

Eight is the number of metamorphosis. It represents the moment when the generative energy in the last creative movement becomes available to the neXt.

To establish The Fortunate Mage within ourselves and fully inhabit the wild, dynamic, creative balance of The REDSHIFT Renaissance, we must

  • let the last (bastardized) creative movement fully die and dissolve within us;
  • seed the neXt golden spiral; AND
  • then command our reflection metaphysically and actually.

We are on the last step!

It is not enough to see The Fortunate Mage flash across our mind's eye once. We must become her by building her withIN us and bringing her environment alive around us. Ultimately, we must re-form our relationship with Death.

For this venture to succeed, we need a narrative structure (a myth) that serves as the blueprint that guides us as we go forward.

On April 25, 2024, at 6:54:08 AM CST, Thoth (the messenger and master storyteller) went direct conjunct (at 15 degrees of Kheper-Ra) Shai (the North Node). A new story has been seeded. Do we yet know what it is?

Yes and no.

Yes, because we know it looks like the golden spiral. We know that under the right influences, namely our actions, exponential change will become part of the story.

But we still don't know what we don't know. Mysteries abound!

Hence the ...


Did you feel the power of that word? OOOH. We are about to get to that. But first ...

The new story will be revealed during the retrograde period when Osiris (Pluto), who has been in Satet (Aquarius), retraces his steps and re-enters Khnemu (Capricorn). Interestingly, we will only have achieved 2 degrees within the sign of Satet. So, the changes we have experienced in this new creative cycle have been only a taste. 1, 1, not one, not two!

On May 2, 2024, the retrograde cycle begins at 2 degrees, 6 minutes of Satet. During this time, we will revisit and INtegrate the experiences we have had since Osiris switched signs. Osiris will turn direct again at 29 degrees, 38 minutes of Khenmu. Did you do that math?

2 + 9 = 11

3 + 8 = 11

11:11 or 2:2? You tell me!

In the meantime, Death would like a WORD with us all!

Much Maligned and Ready to Set the Record Straight ...

Death Would Like a Word!

Hush now, don't you cry
Wipe away the teardrop from your eye
You're lying safe in bed
It was all a bad dream spinning in your head

Your mind tricked you to feel the pain
Of someone close to you leaving the game of life
So here it is, another chance
Wide awake you face the day, your dream is over
Or has it just begun?

In The Thoth Tarot, one card fills me with terror and dread like no other. The Cruelty Card (9 of Swords) captures a state of mind and implies the actions that follow. It illustrates the issue with an image of nine blood-dripping swords and a history lesson.

This card represents the degeneration of the mind (the seat of our perceptual reality) to such a degree that "acceptance of martyrdom," "passive resistance," and "implacable revenge" are the only solutions Aleister Crowley suggested.

Maybe we can do better!

The Cruelty Card represents Seth (Mars) in Akeru (Gemini). So, this is where duality (in modern astrology) and the mind come together in a grand illusion of torment. But Akeru, ruled by Thoth (the greater scribe and messenger), also implies the "profoundly bad idea" I referenced earlier.

We have built up that BAD idea into a narrative, disseminated, expressed, and concretized it.

The BAD idea established a grand imbalance. By bad I mean dysfunctional, unworkable, unproductive, deadly ...

The BAD IDEA: God is male and white.

God is a white man wasn't much of a leap!

That one idea has led to immeasurable cruelty because it has also led to the Reign of Disproportion that is the Domination System (or was). We have built global systems with everything from stately buildings to government agencies to concretize this imbalance in power, resources, position, access, and order.

This is not a religious imbalance, at least not entirely. But it originally manifested via a fanatical, religious obsession to eradicate everything that didn't submit to and uphold the imbalance.

The Swords no longer represent pure intellect so much as the automatic stirring of heartless passions. Consciousness has fallen into a realm unenlightened by reason. This is the world of uncionsious primitive instincts, of the psychopath, of the fanatic.

The celestial ruler is Mars in Gemini, crude rage of hunger operating without restraint; although its form is intellectual, it is the temper of the inquisitor. ∞ The Thoth Tarot

I don't think I need to detail the practices of the Inquisition. But I believe a little history lesson on time and place might be in order, so I asked ChatGPT for a quick refresher.

The Inquisition, referring primarily to the Spanish Inquisition, officially began in 1478 and lasted until it was abolished in 1834. It was established by Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile to maintain Catholic orthodoxy in their kingdoms, initially targeting converted Jews (conversos) and later expanding to include other groups.

The broader term "Inquisition" also refers to various other inquisitorial movements within the Catholic Church, including the Roman Inquisition, which started in 1542 and focused on enforcing doctrinal orthodoxy throughout the Papal States, and the Medieval Inquisition, which began around 1184 to combat heresy in Southern France and Italy. Each of these had different scopes, targets, and timelines, but they all functioned under the same fundamental principles of enforcing religious conformity.

Like the Witch Trials and colonization efforts, which overlapped somewhat, the various inquisitions turned death into a form of religious and political control. Ideas and people who posed a challenge to the established order were branded as heretics and punished for their lack of conformity.

Death, and his good friend Pain, are here not only to set the record straight but to re-establish their original purposes and demolish the Reign of Disporportion.

Today, at 10:16 PM CST, Seth (Mars) will conjunct Nu (Neptune) at 28 degrees, 7 minutes of Sepdet (Pisces).

Seth is the principle of death and destruction. Seth, however, in his purest, alchemical expression, is death and destruction driven by the renewal of a new cycle.

Seth's purpose is not to torment people with the specter of being assassinated for heresy, witchcraft, or simple difference. His purpose is not conquest and murder. The inquisitor has no right to wield Seth as part of his institutionally backed position of power.

Pain is not meant for any of these things either. Pain is meant to alert us that something is wrong.

Death, in particular, is intrinsically linked to flourishing life. Seth is, therefore, part of the perpetual golden spiral of life.

In practical terms, Death opens the gateway to renewal and evolution. Without it, life could not progress.

The death of an older generation makes room for the INnovative ideas (heresies) of the next generation to come forth. The pruning of a garden allows new flowers to grow. Apex predators like wolves play a major role in the health of their territories. Healthy ecosystems depend upon death.

Death is also meant to provide a natural end to creative endeavors and systems that are no longer fruitful.

Death is the gateway to metamorphosis and progress.

But in the hands of people who wish to impose their way of life, establish state power over citizens, eliminate dissent, conquer territory, and enact vengeance (via the death penalty), and so on and so forth, Death becomes a weapon. Our relationship to the natural cycles of life and death becomes distorted.

Tonight, Death and the original waters of Nu will meet.

Nu was conceived to be the primordial water, the deep and boundless watery mass of energy in the sky. The terrestrial counterpart was the river Nile--its symbolic of the fluidic, astral current necessary for all magical and spiritual work ... Nu is the origin and the end of creation--he is totality ... the possibility of every creation ... There was no duality but rather a great unity in which different levels of being were defined as the various differentiations of primary energy. ∞ The Book of Doors

Nu's divinatory meaning in The Book of Doors includes, "The beginning of a potent transformation, with far-reaching possibilities."

As Seth and Nu unite this evening, The Fortunate Mage sees something else reflected in the primordial waters of Nu. In her reflection, the dual powers/principles of Life and Death suddenly come into balance.

Death is liberated from the inquisitor's hands.

Death comes in peace as one of the twin powers of movement. With Death comes Life.

Until now, Death has been trapped in the faulty logic of the Reign of Disproportion and within the structures and systems of the Domination System that supports it.


All the fear is gone.

With this one last stretch, we have REDSHIFTED into Renaissance.

This Renaissance will not rhyme with or repeat history.

Where the first Renaissance grew up in concert with the witch trials, and in the name of art and reason, besmirched the name of Death, this Renaissance is a restoration of the wild, dynamic vastness and the balance of Sepdet.

She, like the Shechinah of Kabbalah, is the whole that unites fire and water (in this conjunction, Nu and Seth). From their union in Sepdet, Death is renewed and liberated into his natural, original state.

A new creative movement begins NOW.

This INner metamorphosis arises from the INternalization of Ma'at or Tiphereth, the central pillar of the Tree of Life that balances the expansive and contractive forces of creation.

In this way, we become Sepdet, the one who contains withIN her all the polarities in dynamic balance.

Disproportion is part of the creative process when it is in a state of dynamic balance that allows all to move freely from one state to another as an idea (or energy) evolves into matter and matter transforms with time.

Therefore, we are no longer to be Panic Born in the desolate places as we were before we stretched into this REDSHIFT.

The panic was associated with the co-option of Death as a weapon people, institutions, and nations use against one another. It was the wall of fear that was meant to effect the primal occupation that silences heresy and commands obedience.

From NOW on, we (those of us who choose to claim our full creative power) live in the creative dynamism of our wild, unruly, evolving lives.

We are free to create. We both live within the grand, Divine creative movement of the golden spiral and create endless spirals ourselves.

Nothing that ever takes form lasts forever.

But our eternal purpose is clear from everything we observe around us. We are here to become and become and become again.

Anything that holds us for too long in a stale order or an outmoded, unproductive creative movement is inherently unstable and even dangerous. It defies the law of becoming.

Just look at what the Reign of Disproportion has created! It's hitting its crescendo now.

It violates the most basic tenets of even Divine will. It goes against Divine nature.

In the 2018 documentary, Moses, on Netflix, Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg, an American-born Israeli Torah scholar and author discusses the meaning of God's name and its interpretation as a verb.

Here's a quote from Zornberg in the series (via Claude):

What is striking about the name of God is that it's a verb. It's not "I am," as it's often translated, but it's "I will be what I will be." And that opens up a kind of dynamic understanding of God, in which God is not a static being, but a becoming.

I asked Claude (AI) to elaborate on this and explain it more fully.

The idea that the Hebrew name of God is a verb meaning "to become" comes from the interpretation of the divine name "YHWH" (יהוה), often rendered as "Yahweh" or "Jehovah" in English. This name is considered the most sacred name of God in Judaism.

In the Hebrew Bible (Exodus 3:14), when Moses asks God for His name, God responds with "I AM THAT I AM" (אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה, 'ehyeh 'ăšer 'ehyeh). The word "ehyeh" is the first-person singular form of the verb "hayah," which means "to be" or "to become."

Perhaps the ultimate Tikkun Olam is achieved in this one simple shift: the liberation of Death from the hands of our tormenters.

In this way, we can fulfill the creative blueprint of heaven to evolve throughout our lives in the natural order of things without fear of intervention via war, witch hunts, and inquisitions.

With Beginningness (B'reshit) WE.

The Jewish tradition is not the only one that prizes movement and the creativity of constant becoming or generation.

Centeotl (of Cinteotl): The original creative force of energy in the universe (from cen "one," "unity" and teotl, "energy"), that essentially represents evolution, movement, and change, but for the Aztecs represents the force, the beginning or the sacred energy, self-generated, unique and dynamic, that created the universe and that generates, permeates, and governs the univserse to this day.
∞ The Toltec Secret, Sergio Magaña

Likewise, Death as a gateway into transformation is not my original idea. In ancient Mexica or Toltec practices, the Red Tezcatlipoca or Xipe Totec is the Lord of Shedding and renewal. He drives the forces of change, renewal, life, and death.

The Black of Obsidian Butterfly is also "used to bring death to something such as a tumor, a virus, or a problem through dreams."

Death in dreams is explicitly transformative.

Death in a dream refers to a sudden change in life. Often when we die in a dream it denotes a favourable change in our life, even if the death occurs in a violent manner and our conditioning leads us to interpret the dream in a negative way ... Of the dreaming while awake places in the tradition, the first one is the Mictlan, the land of the dead, but we have said that death means change and it also means what is not in movement, or taking place at the moment, i.e. the past or the future.   ∞ The Toltec Secret, Sergio Magaña

Thus, The Fortunate Mage steps forward today as a part of the great creative movement to give death to the false, co-opted, connection between Death and all the terrors named here.

Accept the change and be free.

Then revise your understanding of the theme song to indicate that great change is upon you and upon us all.

Death walks with us through greater change, allowing us to see what is already dead (no longer in movement) so that we might seed that which will soon be in movement, namely the future, with the changes we desire and value.

Now I understand why my attention was drawn to an aspect I rarely analyze: the semisquare.

Sobek (Saturn) in Sepdet is in a semisquare with Osiris (Pluto) in Satet (Aquarius). The semisquare tells us the actions that will not be fruitful. In fact, they will cause frustration and delay if we undertake them. Satet is the water bearer of the Egyptian pantheon. She puts things in motion by pouring out. Her divinatory meaning in The Book of Doors, includes, "Sending one's energies outward."

Osiris is the soul in a state of metamorphosis and re-establishment within a new creative movement. As Osiris prepares to station retrograde, we are being told that until we can receive the new blueprints and rules for the neXt creative movement, we cannot perceive how to act upon the external structures that have, until now, supported the Reign of Disproportion. Do they require death, transformation, or INnovation?

What will take their place?

To be clear, we require a banking system, a shipping system, a manufacturing system, a food production system, etc.

If everything fails immediately, the result will be suffering.

Too many people are desperate for relief. The temptation is to destroy (unleash Seth against) everything we believe is causing our pain. Life on Earth has become extremely distressing and it is easy to believe we can release the pressure in a grand fit of destruction. This is both a personal temptation to quit, for instance, jobs, with no idea what we will do to support ourselves. But it is also the temptation to blow out the collective tensions with war and devastation.

Right NOW, unless we are directly fighting for our lives, we must be still until this reclamation of Death integrates. Without Death's trained eye, we do not know what to do. We cannot see what is and is not in motion.

But we also must wait until the retrograde cycle, which lasts until October and returns to the late degrees of Khenmu (Capricorn) concludes. More will be revealed.

In the meantime, there are some very fruitful paths forward that can bring the Point of Fortune alive around us thereby making the REDSHIFT Renaissance a matter of physical reality rather than a mere INner adjustment. That physical reality can support us as the old reality falls away.

When Seth conjuncts Nu, The Part of Fortune will be at 00 degrees of Hathor (Taurus) but conjunct Isis (Venus) in the last degrees of Kheper-Ra. In short, we must use our magic and our movements in a forward-focused way to build the new as it is revealed to us. We must pour out the waters that will allow the neXt movement to flourish.

Satet also has a spiritual function. She pours out the spiritual waters that allow us to thrive and grow in that dimension. We can become her vessels for the living water of the Spirit that is so needed now.

Osiris sextile Neith (Pallas Athena) in Ptah (Sagittarius) presents an opportunity - another water-fire, yin-yang interaction.

This suggests that we must prepare something for an opportunity that will arise of its own accord. We must be ready. This could be as simple as working intentionally with the polarities as this is what Neith does. She crosses and weaves energies consciously. But I have a sneaking suspicion there's more.

Both Horus (Jupiter) and Udjit (Uranus) in Hathor are trine Neith. Horus and Udjit together in Hathor are also conjunct the Light Moon. This suggests the activation, invigoration, and expansion of a novel idea. The Light Moon represents the electric or currency power of the new idea.

Think again about electromagnetism. If the idea is an electric current, it will evoke a magnetic field once it comes in contact with a conductor and begins to move. It will draw things to itself. You and your left brain are the conductor.

Hathor emanating through Horus and Udjit implies a potential direction The Fortunate Mage (aka you) might undertake, especially with the Part of Fortune conjunct Isis at 00 degrees of Hathor and 29 degrees of Kheper-Ra, respectively. Also, on April 29, 2024, at 4:14:08 PM CST, Isis will be at exactly the same point the Part of Fortune will touch tonight: 00 degrees, 33 minutes of Hathor.

Three is the original creative triad (mother, father, child). It is also the number of Seth and Udjit. The two zeros remind me of that old double-slit experiment. But I am way to late in this process to figure out why. I will leave that to you.

Hathor, also known as Het-Hert is a cosmic principle.

... she represents the influence of the stars upon the earth ... She personified the power of nature that is continually bringing new life to earth and that nourishes all things ... In the Duat, she nourished the dead and brought joy to the souls who successfully passed through the hall of Maat ... As the goddess who brought love, pleasure, and happiness to all, Het-Hert presided over everything beautiful, especially art, wine, and dancing. To worship Het-Hert was to worship the goddess in woman ...

∞ The Book of Doors

Hathor's divinatory meaning is "Love, pleasure, and beauty."

In other words, bring the influence of the stars to life in and around you as love, pleasure, and beauty.

Now you've got the upper hand.

Or more to the point, when your hands are consigned to bringing the influence of the stars to life in the world of matter as love, pleasure, and beauty, your hands are the upper realm's hands.

Life was never meant to be constant torment.

Life as constant torment is part of the profoundly bad, now-dead idea!

It's only the weaponization of Death and Pain that made it so. Tonight the torment of weaponized pain and death has itself died. You might not be able to see it yet. But you will as soon as you build accordingly.

The REDSHIFT Renaissance and the Fortunate Mage are co-emergent, interdependent realities. It takes your magic and your movement to activate the current and start magnetizing all the resources you will ever need.

More than enough.

The REDSHIFT Renaissance is the eternal Blessing Synergy of Dynamicly Balanced Creativity, Love, and Prosperity. It's in your hands now. It's the Flourishing Fusion of a Fortunate Future.

A new frame is coming into being where the old frame shattered!

Make the view beautiful!

I know it's a hell of a time to say so. But it's the only way.

Does this mean you stick your head in the sand as to the unnaturally sorrowful circumstances and often terrifying conditions through which humanity is living?


It means you refuse to bear their likeness ever again.

It means you dare to make your mark!

Now you know who Death really is and you know who's telling lies because Death and Pain have set the record straight. You have received the WORD.

At the right time and at the right place, your brave stand (and that of other Fortunate Mages) will alter the structures to match this neXt creative movement.

In the meantime, be INspired by the stars and to give and receive the blessings. That's how blessing synergies start.

Oh, and follow your PRIMAL, ORIGINAL INSTINCTS. You are going to need them. Someday I will explain what original means. But right now it's time to sleep. Goodnight.

About Rebecka Eggers

Rebecka Eggers, The Freedom Activator is a Meditation Improv Artist; the creator of The Passion Path® and the FLARE brand storytelling method; the author of Coming Alive!: Spirituality, Activism, & Living Passionately in the Age of Global Domination; and the creator of The Ruby Mirror Tarot. She lives in the mountainous highlands of Mexico, where she uses the tools of modern communication to make all kinds of trouble for every last stagnant, soul killing enemy of your potential. Rebecka challenges you to bring your dreams to life. She is trained as a Metaphysical Minister, a Co-Active Life Coach, a Reiki Master, and a tax lawyer (probably weren't expecting that last part, eh?). Finally, Rebecka holds a certificate in Digital Marketing through Emeritus and Columbia University, awarded with distinction in 2017. You can support Rebecka's writing via PayPal!

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