Flourishing Fusion: Your Primal Voice Unleashed

Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction 2024

A digital art portrait of a woman with closed eyes, exuding a serene expression. Swirling golden and red patterns emerge from her lips and sweep across the image, converging into a vibrant red flower with a dynamic, flame-like appearance. The flower appears to symbolize the unfolding of a voice or energy, embodying the concept of a primal force being released. The image evokes themes of transformation, creativity, and the powerful expression of an inner voice.
© Rebecka Eggers 2024

Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain

Still remains

Within the sound of silence

In restless dreams, I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone
'Neath the halo of a street lamp
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night
And touched the sound of silence

And in the naked light, I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never shared
And no one dared

Disturb the sound of silence

"Fools" said I, "You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my arms that I might reach you"But my words, like silent raindrops fell
And echoed in the wells of silence

And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made
And the sign flashed out its warning
In the words that it was forming
Then the sign said, "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
In tenement halls"
And whispered in the sound of silence


Previously on The Ruby Mirror, we explored the profound transformations and challenges brought forth by the Ma'at (Libra) lunar and the Kheper-Ra (Aries) solar eclipses. We uncovered the need to break free from old patterns and narratives that no longer serve us.

These events called upon us to engage in the sacred work of Tikkun Olam (world repair). We learned the importance of aligning our personal healing with the collective restoration of balance and right relationships. We accepted the call to embrace our precious scars as we craft the Face of Fortune (and break the Frame of Fuckery).

Throughout these journeys, the theme of the "Harvest" emerged as a central motif – an invitation to plant and harvest the seeds of a new future that aligns with our deepest truth and the greater good of all.

Journal Prompts:

  • Reflect on a time when you felt like you were living out someone else's story or expectations for your life. How did you break free from that narrative and reclaim your own authentic path?
  • The journey speaks of the "Domination System" and the ways in which it can hijack our creativity and instinctual lives. In what ways have you felt controlled or limited by external systems or beliefs? What steps can you take to liberate yourself from these influences?
  • The concept of the "Frame of Fuckery" is introduced as a metaphor for the personal and collective traumas that shape our perceptions and actions. What are some of the key "frames" or limiting beliefs that have impacted your life? How can you begin to dismantle these frames and replace them with more empowering narratives?
  • The journey emphasizes the importance of reclaiming the power of the feminine, the darkness, and the instinctual. In what ways have you been taught to fear or reject these aspects of yourself? How can you begin to embrace and integrate these shadow elements in your life?
  • The Egyptian goddess Isis is portrayed as a powerful alchemical mage, representing the transformative potential within each of us. If you were to tap into your own inner "Isis" energy, what would you want to create or transform in your life right now? What steps can you take to embody this magical, creative power more fully?
Journals and a coffee mug displaying artwork called "Primal Voice."
© Rebecka Eggers 2024
Journals and a coffee mug displaying artwork called "Blooming in the Nightshade."
© Rebecka Eggers 2023

Dreaming a New Dream: Sobek in Sepdet

Sobek (Saturn) in Sepdet (Pisces) tells us it is time to dream a new dream. But this is not an ethereal dream. It's a dream expressed in matter via the structures and systems that enact creative will.

Sobek references the concretization of ideas in people, governments, systems, narratives, and cultures. He establishes the physical structures that contain and operate the blueprints developed in Khnemu (Capricorn).

Sepdet is like the Shechinah of Jewish mysticism or Shakti as expressed in Hindu spiritual wisdom.

By whatever name you call her, she contains within her all polarities. The world of matter is nothing more than the dynamic play of her many elements.

The dynamic potentiality of space is called Shechinah. It is said that the Shechinah is like a pregnant woman who is continually gestating and giving birth, and nourishing her children. Divine space is called "mother" because it shares its life-blood with its progeny like a womb. The "children" are the endless reflections that arise and dissolve from its mirror-like nature. The Shechinah's womb has no borders or boundaries. It represents the whole of space, beyond the concept of containment and what is contained. Nothing enters or leaves mother space, because whatever is born is equal in nature to the space it arises within. The Shechinah continually nourishes her children by virtue of that nature, which is B'reshit. ∞ David Chaim Smith, The Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis

B'reshit translates as "with beginningness."

Sepdet is the self-consuming fire of creativity bursting into form and dissolving again. Thus, she, like the Shechinah, is the perfect, dynamic balance between fire and water.

The Jewish word for the "heavens" is "shemayim." It is spelled, "shin-mem-yudmem."

The word can be deconstructed to illustrate a balance between fire and water, the primary elements of manifestaton. The letter shin represents the self-consuming fire of the Shechinah, and the letter mem-yud-mem spell out the letter name of mem, which symbolizes water. Thus the word can be read as "fire-water," expressing the unity of the water or the right side and the fire of the left. ∞ David Chaim Smith, The Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis

Sobek's presence in Sepdet indicates that the last creative movement must give way to the neXt. The X stands for the four directions and the conscious weaving of the polarities into a new material reality.

The fiery power of a new idea is consuming the last creative movement (as reflected in the material world as the global world order). This is not a metaphor or a drill.

A new consciousness and a set of INnovations will liberate the creative energy currently encapsulated within a particular manifestation of earthly reality - personal and collective. That consciousness will redeploy the energy and craft a new material reality.

I was tempted to recount the historic events that could prove my divination accurate via past cycles of similar change. But I don't have much more time to focus on the past - and neither do you. But we do need a brief history lesson.

Let's begin by examining ten critical facts about the world order that blossomed out of WWII:

  • The Post-World War II Era was initially bipolar as the United States and the Soviet Union entered into a Cold War with each vying for power and influence;
  • With the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, the United States emerged as the unipolar superpower enjoying economic (including dollarization of the global economy), military, and political dominance that allowed it to define and shape the world;
  • The US shaped global institutions, norms, and policies in line with its interests and values at a significant cost that has made it very difficult to make many necessary or wise investments in its infrastructure and the needs of its population;
  • To protect US interests, project power, and provide stability in key regions, the United States took on the cost and responsibility of global security putting military bases all over the world from Germany to Japan giving birth to and growing an enormous military-industrial complex;
  • As the United States invested heavily in creating, maintaining, and policing the world order, globalization proliferated;
  • Instead of investing in military might, the beneficiaries of US military order and protection (especially in Europe) built social democracies and created thriving societies that combined capitalism with investments in education, social security, infrastructure, and care;
  • The Baby Boomer generation created unprecedented population and economic growth (in much of the world) that has not been repeated in subsequent generations (i.e., the population demographics that made the current world order possible no longer exist - the overall global population is in decline with only a few notable exceptions);
  • The US dollar's status as the world's primary reserve currency has allowed the United States to finance its global leadership role and domestic spending through borrowing, leading to a significant accumulation of national debt and raising questions about the long-term stability and sustainability of this arrangement;
  • The United States is no longer the unipolar superpower as other nations, such as the BRICs alliance, are coming together to challenge its economic power; and
  • A new multipolar world is emerging and creating an urgent need for multilateral cooperation, dialogue, and compromise among major powers to address shared challenges and maintain global peace and prosperity.

Thus we have gone from a world of global domination by the United States to a very complicated and volatile world in which we must develop a future-forward perspective. We cannot afford the Perilous Nostalgia of, in particular, the US leaders who yearn for the history of unipolar control.

Steps taken to maintain a dead global (or personal) order will only make the world a more discordant and dangerous place that is likely to give way to a gory fight for power, and possibly, the rise of another, even more pernicious world order controlled by those who can see clearly at this critical moment.

By now you may be wondering why I am addressing a conjunction between Udjit (Uranus) and Horus (Jupiter) in Hathor (Taurus) with a history lesson and a conversation about the creative fire of the Shechinah consuming the last creative movement (the unipolar order).

Here's your answer:

When I look into the future I see July 07, 2025, when Udjit will break free of the earthen container Hathor has provided. Udjit will become the arrow of the future.

You are the bow. 1, 2, 4 is your command.

Or at least, with every action you take, you are learning to be the bow. I see Udjit breaching the threshold of Akeru (Gemini) in you. I see her making YOUR mark on tomorrow (as the crooked line or waveform of the snake's potential is made straight and directed by your choices).

Your choices are determinative.

Udjit can just as easily become the arrow of the past (1, 2, 3).

Akeru is the duality of the past and the future. He is also the Doorway of the Present Moment (II). If you walk through the Doorway of the Present Moment, you can become the master of your destiny and your fortune.  But you must wield the power of a futuristic perspective wisely informed, but not controlled, by the lessons of history.

Otherwise, Perilous Nostalgia will drag you down to the level of your unconscious habits and you will never bring The Face of Fortune alive in the mirror of your life.

The tension between the past and the future can create an irresistible pressure to recreate past mistakes (especially if the upheaval we encounter distresses us to the point of preferring the toxic security of the familiar).

The current system's logic and(dis)proportion must fall sloppy dead. But you will then, just as the solar eclipse theme song foretold, have to face the White Knight talking backward and the Red Queen's command that you lose your head - or rather heed the command of the Doormouse to feed it properly.

Finally, I see February 20, 2026, when Nu (Neptune) and Sobek (Saturn) will form a conjunction in Kheper-Ra (Aries) such that water, structure, and your fiery, determined action unite to establish (in the material world) the neXt level of the neXt creative movement. As I wrote that sentence, I felt moved to tell you that this is not a delay in terms of what you are creating now! This is the future reaching back and pulling you toward something we have not yet begun to imagine.

You must begin to express that movement withIN and around you now (though you don't yet know what it is). You will have to work by INstinct, which you will soon understand makes tonight a very important night.

Keep this in mind as you go forward ...

... While you cannot necessarily force a collective movement into neXt, you can be like the seed of a banyan tree, a Passionate Warrior whose attentive connection to the powerful vision bestowed upon you by the future alters the structures of the Domination System (so they can be repurposed).

... the Passionate Warrior becomes like the seed of the banyan tree germinating in the structures of the Domination System, putting down roots, changing the very character and nature of the host. ∞ Rebecka Eggers, Coming Alive!

The way does not open, as you might imagine, with the brute force of your rebellion. The key rests elsewhere in this chart.

So, armed with the knowledge of where we have been and the understanding that the world upon which you now gaze is already dead and gone, let us turn the wheel toward destiny.


Darkness My Old Friend

Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain

Still remains

Within the sound of silence

In restless dreams, I walked alone

For this part of the journey, you need a revolutionary new understanding of astrology. The astrology that is becoming so popular now is based on Roman archetypes. Modern, Roman astrology marginalizes the power of the feminine principles of alchemy, assigning them minor roles and reducing them to love goddesses (Venusian sweethearts) and wounded women (demon-spawning exiles).

Isis is not a love goddess (as the modern Venus would suggest). She is the mage of the alchemical narrative. She is the terrestrial Sepdet (Sepdet in the material world). She wields the power that creates and destroys according to the neXt creative movement. Isis, like all of us, is both masculine and feminine. She is light and dark, electric and magnetic.

The key to achieving the Passionate Warrior's exponential harvest and the long-sought-after victory lies not primarily in the conjunction between Horus and Udjit, but in the interplay between Isis' magnetism and electricity.

Sepdet is indifferent as to what is created! She is the wholeness that contains all. One creation is as holy as the next. The quality of our experience as creators is another matter!

Isis is the pivot point between one manifestation and another. We can track her magnetic, dark, feminine powers via the Black Moon known as Lilith.

Lilith's story perfectly expresses what happens when a vision planted as seeds while you were sleeping softly creeps through your life. She is demonized as the birth mother of monsters because that is the direct result of her occupation by the outside forces that wish to control humanity.

The current Domination System is not the first of its kind. But its current expression came to pass via an intentional and primal occupation.

The occupiers were the forces that could not succeed without controlling us all, right down to our instinctual lives. That meant targeting anyone who held the wisdom connection between the past, the present, and therefore, the future (anyone who like Akeru, possessed within them the present moment expressed as a creative, living link between the old and the new).


To initiate you into a future that is made for you in the image of someone else's interests, a person only has to undertake three steps:

  • destroy your contextual understanding that might otherwise cause you to doubt;
  • terrorize you if you doubt or dare to remember; and
  • seed your darkness while you sleep.

Sleep includes any state of unconsciousness conducive to your brain accepting a suggestion and then beginning to work toward the suggested outcome. In short, someone gains control over your sleeping and waking dream by seeding your INstinctual world with an idea and then making it an offense punishable by banishment or death if you do not gestate it and bring it to life.

Lilith is portrayed as she is because she represents a human being, any human being, who resists the full control of their darkness by an outside idea (a cuckoo's egg in the nest). Darkness is a multifaceted word in this context because our brains are very complex. But Iain McGilchrist, in his book, The Master and His Emissary, gives us an important part of the puzzle.

Our left brains are akin to the emissary who has attempted to become the master. Or more to the point, an idea that has gotten control of our emissary capacities is overriding our master capacities (in the right brain that can see the full context and understand the whole picture) by distorting our sense of what has happened and controlling our vision of what can happen.

Once our ability to relate to the full context is gone, we are sitting ducks for someone else's goal to become our goal - the goal our brains begin trying to fulfill.

The goal or idea drops a taproot in our prefrontal cortex. That triggers another part of our brain. The basal ganglia begin working behind the scenes to filter the information that comes into our conscious awareness and therefore, gets delivered to the prefrontal cortex (according to the desired outcome). The information you do and do not see corresponds to what you are attempting to create.


When the contextual understanding provided by the right hemisphere is missing, the left hemisphere will make up stories that justify what we are doing. Its natural function is to reverse engineer why we do what we do based upon largely subconscious activity. But when the left hemisphere and the right are physically disconnected or severely out of balance, the left hemisphere hallucinates justifications for our actions.

In other words, when the left side of the brain (the emissary) is running our lives based upon someone else's goal for us, the basal ganglia has accepted that goal as a command, and the right hemisphere is unable to contribute context, we live our lives in an algorithm coded by someone else.

If you think of the idea as the electric force and the subconscious processes that work to fulfill it as the magnetic forces, you see what becomes possible. In a primal or INstinctual occupation, your magnetism is occupied and hoodwinked into delivering someone else's goal as though it were your own.

In science, it has been established that an electric field can induce a magnetic field and vice versa.

Bottom Line: Don't let a parasitic idea (electric field) induce your magnetic response.

One Step Deeper IN: Pairing the fraudulent imperative of a parasitic idea with violence that also occupies your instinctual or primal inner life with terror makes an evolutionary movement that eviscerates the boundary of the systemic imperative a fearful prospect.

Should you question anything or attempt to break out of the artificial context provided, panic ensues. But worse yet, you face the plague of the modern magician:

Self-sabotage paired with elaborate narrative justifications for not getting what you would otherwise naturally value or desire.

In short, what we value is altered and our creativity is hijacked to reflect the alteration.

The narrative justifications neatly explain why we were right to do what we reflexively did even though it served someone else's interests instead of our own.

The emissary under the control of a cuckoo's egg in the nest of our brains not only doesn't know what it doesn't know, it lives in a narrative delusion.

Perversely, we start to mistake the system's desires for our own. We then get an equally perverse sense of satisfaction or relief from both fearing our power and fulfilling the ends dictated to us.

That was a long way to go to get to an important point:

This evening, as the Horus-Udjit conjunction is becoming exact (and I am running late with delivering this journey -according to the clock time of my left brain), the Black Moon is at 18 degrees of Nekhbet (Virgo). All the flash-bang in this chart is on the other side where most of the planets are throwing a party in Sepdet, Kheper-Ra, and Hathor.

Right next to the Horus-Udjit conjunction (close enough to be considered a Ménage À Trois), sits the light moon (the idea, the electrical, active, goal-oriented part of this configuration).

Both Udjit and Horus are in trines with the dark, magnetic, shadowy, subconscious aspects of Isis depicted as the Dark Moon (aka your inner mage). A trine signifies a sudden development in which all obstacles are removed.

Things progress rapidly.

In this configuration, we have a serious challenge affecting our harvest, namely, the nature and quality of what we will bring forth during this neXt season if we do not address the parasitic ideas and reject the parasitic goals.

In the silence of our brains, while we slept (while we were distracted, suggestible, afraid, etc.), seeds were planted that were not our own. They were meant to make us fear our power and self-mastery so we would comply with and enact the outcomes dictated by the Frame of Fuckery. This applies equally to the collective frame and the personal one created by our personal traumas.

The end result is that we live in siloed dreams of I-ndividualism. In restless dreams, we have walked alone. FOR. SO. LONG.

The theme song tells us where this journey ends: no one can hear anyone else and the only truth is spoken by the impoverished realities and the graffiti that pops up on the walls.

The Domination System for centuries, has paired our magic, our desires, our love relationships, our friendships, our riches (land among the greatest riches of all), and every other good thing in life with terror.




Udjit and Horus are under the powerful influence of Hathor (the feminine pleasure principle and nourishing mother). Both are also trine the Dark Moon and the Harvest (Renenet/Ceres). Renenet is, in turn, trine the Dark, Magnetic Moon AND the Electric Light Moon.

Finally, the Dark and the Light Moons are trining each other.

That means the expansive energy of Horus is amplifying the creative fire of Udjit. Since 2018, Udjit has been contained within the earthen vessel of Hathor, the nutritive, abundant, earthy feminine mother who revels in her creations. This represents the transformative force of pleasure, joy, and fecundity paired with (transforming and enlivened by) the creative fire of spiritual awakening. This tells us what kind of spiritual awakening we are meant to have!

Renenet in the sign of Khenmu is in a mutually transformative relationship with the blueprints that govern the harvest. New rules are coming to bear on the creative process and its yield.

The magnetic and electric forces of creativity within us are ready to bring forth a new vision and the obstacles to realization (the logic and dis(proportion) held in the Frame of Fuckery) are being removed. There is a powerful interplay between magnetic and electric force, the harvest, and this powerful conjunction.

Shazam: instantaneous transformation (via Merriam-Webster). Did you feel that?

There is so much coming together in this chart!

Deep breath in and out. Your oracle is a little overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the messages and the metamorphosis.

Okay, I have faith we can do this!

Khonsu, the Moon is also in Nekhbet (Virgo). He's the great exorcist. But (at the new moon), he also makes women fertile again. He makes the DARKNESS fertile again. He's trining the Light Moon and Osiris (Pluto) in Satet (Aquarius). Satet is both pouring into the soul as it undergoes metamorphosis and preparing to pour through each of us as pure ART.

I would say we are due a cosmic abortion, how about you?! An exorcism of ideas that are no longer allowed to determine how we use our magnetic power seems right on time (even if I can't beat the clock). We will no longer bring forth the agenda of this system.

Nekhbet is the keeper of the nest, wouldn't you know it? She nourishes new life in the egg until it's ready to emerge. She is the great virgin goddess because she is known as the Mother of mothers and the Father of fathers. She is associated with the primeval abyss.

This might be a good time to tell you that she and Udjit are sisters. Udjit is the goddess of the North and she is the goddess of the South. One brings the spiritual awakening and the quickening of our creative vision or seeds (Udjit). The other brings the clearsightedness of a dream seeded intentionally at the base of the head.

If you are willing, Khonsu will demolish and exorcise every idea and goal that pertains to the Frame of Fuckery. He'll make your brain fertile again, rejuvenating your creative power. He will cast out the hostile, extractive influences of the Domination System and deliver them into the hands of the shadowy figure known in Mexica lore as the Great Tezcatlipoca (the smoking, obsidian mirror that gives all and takes all away).

Nekhbet will bring the clearsightedness that determines which eggs are allowed in your nest. She is the inner singularity of your ART and your neXt creative movement.

The instantaneous transformation you seek is available right now.

As I accept his help, Khonsu tells me there's a story we must tell. And so we will.

The Fortunate Mage

The chart I am looking at is several hours old now due to a grand and spectacular technological failure. But it won't let me move on because the messages of the Horus-Udjit Conjunction are not just for today or for a particular hour. That is why clock time was not allowed to control this journey.

There are several points in this chart where the narrative we have been working with, namely, the waning power of the Domination System and its influence, suddenly give way to a new narrative, a plot twist.

First, Khonsu is quincunx Amon-Ra. Amon-Ra is the mask or persona we wear and the hidden aspects of ourselves we have yet to show. I sense the plot twist eviscerates the false, protective personas (of poverty, anguish, terror, and learned helplessness) making visible the Face of Fortune. Here's our first glimpse of who we are without the Frame of Fuckery.

It's not just being shattered. It's being written out of the story. The shattered pieces are being brought back together by the elements of a new material reality. Molten gold is not filling in the cracks as we glue the old frame back together. Oh no it's not! Gold is the fixative element of our ART.

The narrative also shifts wildly as Thoth (Mercury) and Isis (Venus) are quincunx the Dark Moon and her magnetism. Imhotep (Chiron) is also forming a quincunx with this dark matter. He is no longer the wounded healer, but the great doctor who wields the twin powers of electromagnetism (the light and dark snake) to bring dream-delivering power alive in the hands of the people.

The archetype of the wounded healer is part of the system's logic! To go forward, The Passionate Warrior must shed the idea of agony as the initiation into power.

Likewise, Isis is the pure mage (unrestrained by the inner saboteur's constantly crooked magic). Pure, raw, primal power emanates from her and she is alive in us. Our power to heal and to create will no longer be mired in the misguided narratives of the wounded healer and the inept magician - able to move things only with the understanding that something always goes wrong.

These cuckoo's eggs are not allowed in our nest.

Finally, the Domination System itself, as concretized in the words, the ideas, the agreements, and the stories that constitute its reality, must give way to a truer story!

If you look ahead just a few days, you will find that Thoth will go direct on the 25th of April while forming an exact conjunction with Shai (the North Node).

In the intervening days, the Part of Fortune will form an exact conjunction with Isis just minutes before the Scorpio Full Moon.

This is an impartation!

In astrology, the Part of Fortune represents a point of ease, harmony, and prosperity. It indicates an area where one can find good luck, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

This Fortunate Mage placement is revealing two things:

  • we must build a world that belongs to the Face of Fortune (Kheper-Ra) rather than merely daydreaming; and
  • this process should now be more instinctual because the consciousness that forced us to see our pain as our initiation into power is gone.

Thoth's retrograde period has forced us to revisit the ways we have used our voice to support the narratives of the Domination System. Those narratives stem from the primal occupation that has now ended.

From our lips must now spring the narratives of Flourishing Fusion, destiny words that will not only Activate the REDSHIFT Renaissance but establish it.

The final plot twist derives from Meh-Urt quincunx Neith. Meh-Urt is the Mighty Fullness that I relate to the Princess of Disks from the Tarot. She is pregnant with the mystery of the future. What the future will ultimately become depends upon the energies we intentionally cross and weave into the matter (the influences we bring to bear).

Oops. I almost missed one! The Dark Moon quincunx destiny (Shai). We can now work skillfully with the present manifestations of the past directly through the dark power of our inner magnetism. No longer must we fight the good fight in a daily slog that moves in a linear fashion (1, 2, 3). It's time to carry out the exponential mandate for our EXPONENTIAL HARVEST (1, 2, 4).

Double oops! These plot twists just keep multiplying.

Sobek is quincunx Apep (the South Node). Now that we know how this game is played, there's no need to react at all as we see the frightening shadows cast upon the walls by the breakdown or revision of the Domination System's structures. Instead, we can feed our minds with the command of the BLESSING SYNERGY OF JUSTICE AND PROSPERITY. We can bring this alive in the very bones of our own bodies and then build it with every willing partner.


That's the consciousness of the neXt creative movement. I bet it remakes our brains in the image of wholeness. As it turns out, the primary structure of the Domination System was built in our own heads!

There's even a book about it!

NeXt up on my reading list: Nurturing Our Humanity: How Domination and Partnership Shape Our Brains, Lives, and Future

In closing, let's return rather quickly (since it's close to midnight where I live) to the secret hidden in our history lesson.

The Domination System with its lopsided logic and its economic distortions wasn't good for anyone - at least it's not good for anyone now. Europe, now deeply dependent upon the US for its defense is not equipped to face the threat Russia poses if Ukraine falls. What good is a society built on social investment if it can't uphold any boundaries to protect the gains?

The United States, still saddled with defense costs in a radically changing world is struggling to modernize its infrastructure and invest in its people. The US border with Mexico is completely insecure and a Chinese diaspora is now intermingled with economic migrants and asylum seekers from South and Central America. No one seems to understand much about it.

What good is controlling the world if your world crumbles in the process?

Like I said before ...

One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all.
Go ask Alice when she's ten feet tall.

And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you're going to fall

Long, Pregant Pause (like an eclipse)

When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's off with her head

Remember what the dormouse said

Feed your head
Feed your head

Click here to listen to the previous theme song. I bet it suddenly makes a lot more sense!

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