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Practical Uses of Physical Activators

Physical activators, such as coffee cups, artwork, or other symbolic objects, can be valuable tools in maintaining the transformation and meaning of tarot cards in your daily life. These items serve as tangible reminders of your insights and goals, helping to keep them uppermost in your mind. The psychological principles that support the effectiveness of physical activators include:

  1. Placebo Effect: This principle suggests that believing in the power of an object can enhance its effectiveness. When you associate a physical item with a specific intention or outcome, your belief in its significance can positively influence your mental and emotional state.
  2. Embodied Cognition: This concept highlights the connection between our physical actions and mental processes. Handling or viewing objects associated with your tarot readings can reinforce the insights and transformations you experienced during the reading. The physical interaction with these items can help solidify the mental and emotional shifts you seek to achieve.
  3. Mindfulness Practices: Physical objects can serve as focal points for mindfulness, encouraging you to pause and reflect on your intentions throughout the day. By incorporating these objects into your routine, you create opportunities for introspection and self-awareness, fostering ongoing personal growth.


The physical activators offered by The Ruby Mirror Tarot are intended to support and enhance your journey of introspection, visualization, and personal transformation. These items serve as tangible reminders of your tarot insights and goals, designed to keep your intentions uppermost in your mind. They are meant to be complementary tools that help you stay connected to your personal and business growth.