Market Metamorphosis: Unlocking NeXt via The Ruby Mirror Tarot

The Six of Disks

The Hermit

The Queen of Swords

A three-card tarot spread using The Ruby Mirror Tarot: 6 of Disks, The Hermit, The Queen of Swords
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What WE most desire ...

The thing WE must master ...

To unlock neXt ...

The Ruby Mirror Tarot, by Rebecka Eggers, provides penetrating insights using Egyptian alchemy, Kabbalah, and Alchemical Astrology. Rebecka designed The Ruby Mirror Tarot to liberate perspectives, break down what appears to be settled reality, and open new pathways of creativity via the reflection of renewal it provides.

Disclaimer: This article is not financial or personal advice. It is for educational or entertainment purposes only depending on your perspective. It is meant to activate evolutionary thought.

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Introduction: Have you ever wondered why some desires manifest effortlessly, while others seem eternally out of reach?

The Six of Disks (through the lens of Kabbalistic Tiphareth and the astrological movements of Khonsu (the Moon) in Hathor (Taurus)) unveils the intricate dance of desire and fulfillment that shapes our lives and the markets alike.

Discover how mastering this cosmic balance can unlock the door to your truest desires and OURS.

What We Most Desire: The Six of Disks

Alchemical Principle of the Number 6: Momentary Equilibrium of Opposites

Kabbalistic Correspondence: Tiphareth

Astrological Counterpart: Khonsu (the Moon) in the Sign of Hathor (Taurus)

We do not always value what we desire enough to empower it.

When we empower (IN-power) our desire we imbue it with the richness of INtention that overcomes all obstacles, INside and out.

Desire is, therefore, a tricky thing, kind of like the Six of Disks.

In the traditional Tarot, this card represents the Merchant Philanthropist. It demonstrates using our wealth to gratify other people's desires and basic needs.

On the flip side, it indicates the desires we cannot fulfill and the needs we cannot meet without a slice of the wealth pie - which presently is held entirely by someone else.

In the Intuitive Tarot (by Cilla Conway), the Six of Disks implies questions of motive.

Is the philanthropist generously sharing proceeds or do they stand apart, dispensing "charity" from a sense of their own puffed-up superiority?

As you ponder that question, consider this also:

dangerous blind spots and epic fragility are born of this colossal error (i.e., when we mistake special or favorable circumstances for our inherent specialness).

In any event, the Six of Disks typically presents a key question: does the Merchant Philanthropist seek shared wealth or control?

This card creates an interesting interplay of desire, wealth, perspective, and position (status).

Is the Merchant Philanthropist giving out of generosity or as part of a clever ruse that allows them to take more for themselves while disguising their intentions? Will the ruse eventually rouse the people from the slumber of constant striving?

Who truly holds the wealth?

How do status and sleight-of-hand manipulation disguise the truth?

Aleister Crowley's The Book of Thoth refers to this card as "Success," which is immediately followed by the Seven of Disks, "Failure." As its name implies, the Success card signifies a beautiful, balanced, harmonious moment of achievement. But the moment is fleeting.

The reason?

The Moon (Khonsu) is a notorious shapeshifter. Thank goodness!

Remember what the old folks used to say before Botox: be careful what kind of face you make, it may freeze that way.

Khonsu stands for the idea that a reflection can always change. Or more to the point, a truer, more dynamic reflection can be unveiled.

Like the average person's reflection, Khonsu reveals the past coming to light in the present. The Moon always reflects the past because the light of the Sun and its reflection do not occur simultaneously. This is the case even though the eventual reflection is a foregone conclusion.

Therefore, the light of the Sun and its reflection are unified. Yet they are separated in terms of effect by time and distance.

In short, as fast as it is, light still must travel.

The Ruby Mirror, like the Moon, is reflective. It tells you what your last creative movement has established and it indicates the desire that has arisen out of it.

The Ruby Mirror reflects to you the challenge set by the success of the previous creative movement (even if you only succeeded in creating failure, blight, and money problems).

The Ruby Mirror offers you the chance to break free of the past that has come to pass before you.

It reveals everything you must overcome, relinquish, eviscerate, continue, or retain to deliver neXt.

The Ruby Mirror places before you a reflection of renewal that requires you to grapple with the past in the present so that you may shape the trajectory of tomorrow today.

Therefore, The Ruby Mirror reveals the past and the future working in tandem, united by the present choice to continue with the momentum you have or intervene with empowered desire.

You stand as the pivot point of the present moment embodied between two reflections: the one that is and the one that will be.

The Six of Disks points to your past successes (and failures) and your desire to create success now.

But what does success mean at this moment?

To you?

For us all, as a whole?

This reading has personal implications, thus I have addressed you personally until now.

But this reading is collective. It identifies something arising withIN the current, collective financial system that is also affecting the markets by sparking the volatility inherent in systemic change.

Khonsu, depending on the cycle of the moon (which is waning today) has various functions.

At the time of the New Moon, Khonsu is the fiery bull who helps fertilize the energies of the new cycle. The New Moon will be in the sign of Hathor tomorrow at 9:22 PM CST (Mexico City Time - adjust for your zone).

During the Waning and Dark Moon, Khonsu reveals what is dying and exorcises what is no longer needed.

At the Full Moon, Khonsu shows us the full face of the last creative movement.

In short, Khonsu is the principle of life, energy, and matter in flux. If we master our relationship with our reflection and with Khonsu, we gain his power:

the power to work with the fixed and the fluctuating energies to determine what will manifest neXt.

With Khonsu, we learn to master ourselves and our lives via the revelation, struggle, and ease inherent in the traveling (fluctuating) reflection.

Khonsu's name, according to The Book of Doors, comes from "Khens," which means "To Travel."

Khonsu and Hathor are both principles of Egyptian alchemy.

Tiphareth is the point of balance within the Kabbalistic Tree of Life through which energy becomes matter. It represents the dynamic equilibrium of creative forces moving from flux to fixation and back again.

Tiphareth is Beauty. Beauty becomes possible when we become the still-point of Tiphareth. We become the still-point when we, possessed of our PURE desire, establish ourselves in the heart of the flux.

Our desire is pure when it comes to us as a creative mandate, as something we value and must fulfill within ourselves and in the world. In Tiphareth, the beauty of divine INspiration and the material world mINgle and begin to stir. This mingling moves us and it has the power to move markets!

We can move eXclusively according to this PURE desire once our value and the value of our desire are established within us. The X I emphasize in many worlds speaks to this mingling or weaving of energies via intention and action. It implies the artful mastery of the four directions.

An internal locus of value means our sense of ourselves is never affected by the fluctuating reflections (of success and failure) around us. A good trade, a bad trade, a sale or no sale, are all equal in their influence. They all net to 0 influence yet are rich with information!

Like Tiphareth, the number six signifies a moment of perfectly balanced forces or polarities.

Tiphareth is the moment of fixation when the flux produces a stable frame. That frame allows energy to become matter when we consciously and precisely guide it via our actions. Matter is then established as a new order (systems, structures, rules).

Under the influence of Tiphareth, we are not built up by success, nor brought low by failure.

Instead, we know that this fleeting moment of equilibrium in the number 6 and the position of Tiphareth, like our own reflection, can produce and establish anything depending upon the influences!

Do we retain our connection to the PURE, empowered desire that yields the outcome we envision or do we succumb to external influences (and lose our connection to the divine mandate)?

Khonsu in the sign of Hathor tells us that we desire to seed something specific in our Moon-like reflection, rather than living at its mercy.

That is the message because Hathor, unlike Khonsu, is constant. Her presence in this reading via the Six of Disks tells us exactly what is coming alive in our collective desire. She is a stable presence, a clear mandate, and a wildly magnetic influence. As the Eye of Ra, the Sun, she is the true sight that connects us to our neXt creative vision.

At the upcoming New Moon in Hathor, Ra's invisible, silent presence indicates that we can join the power to make things grow with neXt. This is the time for planting.

In the dance of cosmic energies, where Khonsu, the shapeshifting reflection, meets Hathor, the constant presence, we discover a profound message. It pertains to both our personal desires and our collective ambitions.

In modern terminology, this is captured beautifully in the concept of "Stable Core Diffusion" in which stability and chaos are the twin flames of creativity!

Stable Core Diffusion is the process whereby generative models create text or images. These models are, of course, copying the human creative process! So, the term captures the creation process in vivid language and concepts.

The core is the stable aspect. It remains predictable because it draws on large data sets of learning to establish structure.

The chaos is the noise in the diffusion process. Randomness and chaos are intentionally utilized.

Per ChatGPT: The chaos is inherent in the randomness of the noise and the unpredictability of how exactly it will transform into the final output.

When we understand creativity in this way, the mirror can't imprison us. It becomes a source of vital information.

Khonsu, ever-changing, reflects the phases of dynamic growth and creativity (or a stagnant order repeating). Hathor, in her unwavering beauty and generosity, symbolizes the enduring aspirations we all share for love, joy, and fulfillment.

Hathor is the deep, INstinctual learning that emanates from a data set far older than the moment of insanity through which we are living.

Under Hathor's INfluence, we are naturally reminded to establish and sustain love, joy, pleasure, beauty, and fulfillment. We have the chance to empower this desire.

A significant number of people want this.

Perhaps enough to establish a critical mass shift in the collective consciousness?

In the face of this collective desire for thriving, the ill-fated reflection of conquest and extraction that reserves prosperity and pleasure for only a few is becoming wildly unstable.

Even the Earth and its atmosphere are becoming unstable. The material world is in a state of profound transformative flux. Thus markets are under pressure and we are seeing volatility erupt the world over.

The amount of suffering that has built up beneath this disproportionate allocation of material resources is as palpable as the corresponding desire to be free. The delusions of grandeur at the top regarding the sustainability of the injustice only make it more certain change is on the way.

Truthfully, the instability is at least a generation old. Simply look at the demographics. Women have, consciously or unconsciously not provided a new generation of laborers. The "growth economy" as we have known it has already died throughout almost the entire world.

When you are looking at the current economy imagining growth can continue as it always has, you are looking at a reflection of the past! When you see the volatility as a signal that we must INnovate immediately, you can see tomorrow taking shape and you can begin to shape its trajectory toward INtentional evolution.

The ancient data set (represented by Hathor's constancy) that makes up the stable core has already opened the door to the chaos of metamorphosis. The diffusion is underway.

Chaos is emerging in the creative process. It built up in the background of our lives largely without being noticed. There are bigger things at stake than an economy that constantly expands!

Sometimes the divine sleight-of-hand at play is grander than anything a human being caught in the day-to-day cycles of life can appreciate.

Hathor, whose face has flashed across the surface of our Ruby Mirror, is THE TRUE philanthropist.

She bestows her treasures upon all.

Hathor wishes only to see her beauty established upon the Earth. In her, all the questions of motive are answered! She has no preferences for any chosen people.

Hathor is for all.

She is the antithesis of a system that exists only to enrich the few. Hathor is not like those few who give only to take.

Hathor abhors the accumulation of riches in the hands of the few because that accumulation violates Ma'at. Ma'at is cosmic justice, balance, dynamic equilibrium, and the source of the single most important law of nature:

creative movement or evolution.

Ironically, disproportion always signifies that neXt is in the process of emerging.

Hathor, though a constant presence, cannot abide a frozen expression. She exists to nourish and sustain evolving life.

You might say we and Hathor come together in Tiphareth to create beauty in the world!

But if we create disproportion that is not dynamic, the creative process doesn't stop. It just becomes ... gestures broadly. Stagnant disproportion only gives the appearance of progress. In truth, it creates a recursive reign of chaos because it loses contact with the stable core.

We lose sight of our evolutionary nature in a state of stagnant disproportion. But that does not mean evolution will not occur. It only means we will be blind to the outcome: collapse, extinction, and the cruelties that accompany both.

Via the Six of Disks, Hathor's face jumps into our reflection as the presence of a flourishing collective life. Her presence in The Ruby Mirror reflects both our collective desire and your personal desire to flourish - even if WE do not yet understand what flourishing means in this new context.

Hathor's reflection is forever changing from one creative movement or form to the neXt (though she remains forever the same at the core of every shift). Sometimes her reflection is obscured by illusion, but she is always present.

Hathor comes bearing a message today:

The Moon's fluctuating expression can either imprison us in a reign of chaos or free us depending upon (1) whether we allow our habitual patterns or other people's manipulation to determine the seeds of our neXt creative movement and (2) the face we choose to reveal within ourselves.

This makes our questions regarding the Merchant Philanthropist rather more urgent.

Have you noticed all the cows are sick?

Hathor is the cow-headed goddess. She is not sick. But we are seeing an interesting sign that the unrest in the human soul is building up to a metamorphosis that will not reflect the desire to flourish, but rather the desire to destroy in a desperate bid to find relief from the horrid weight of the disproportion.

The desire to flourish is being eclipsed by a dangerous degree of suffering.

Those at the top, especially the Merchant Philanthropist (who believes the handouts will distract from the sleight-of-hand they still believe they can pull off) seem largely ignorant of the disproportion's impact. They seem largely unaware of the pressure building at the bottom - in the Earth and in the people.

For example, while the stock market has ballooned in the US, wages have not kept pace with inflation. It's becoming impossible for games of distraction to pull the average person's attention away from the increase in the cost of merely existing and the concomitant increase in luxurious lifestyles popping up elsewhere.

The same is true of the dollar's privileged position. The world is growing tired.

The dead cows are an ominous warning. A tragic loss of hope is upon us. Hope and desire are not the same thing.

By contrast, the collective desire affecting the markets and the world today is vital and clear:

The people of the world most desire the one who is for all.

Only the deluded Merchant Philanthropist (who gives to take and control) wants things to continue unchanged. The sustained delusion of exceptionalism is playing a truly awe-inspiring role in creating instability in the financial system. It's fostering a strange kind of volatility in the markets.

Everyone says it's impossible to know eXactly what is coming neXt.

But is it?

Provocative Questions:

Before we move on to "the thing we must master" (via the Hermit), here are some points for your consideration:

  • As you contemplate the shifting reflections in your own life, ask yourself:
  • Are the desires you pursue truly your own, or are they shaped by external influences?
  • How can you align more closely with Hathor’s creative constancy (the stable core) in your pursuit of what truly matters?

In the marketplace of life, just as in the financial markets, the illusion of stability often gives way under the pressure of genuine human needs and desires. The current market and world volatility (the diffusion phase of Stable Core Diffusion) is not just a random pattern; it's a direct reflection of a collective yearning for a more equitable distribution of resources and opportunities.

That yearning is becoming like the black hole at the center of our galaxy. It is exerting a lot of gravitational pull!

The True Philanthropist is coming alive in us, but suffering is threatening to eclipse desire with the hopelessness of the conditions.

Hathor is the one who gives for a clear purpose: to nurture and sustain life for all.

Hathor gives to receive, not to take. She wishes to receive the return on her investment: our well-being and her values established as a new order of human and planetary thriving.

Even if you do not wish to follow her (because of your own religious or philosophical position) you can still learn from her values.

But oh what joy it brings to love her!

To embody her!

Here are a few more probative questions:

  • With all of this in mind, what role can you play in this transformative time?
  • How can your actions and investments today shape a more just and beautiful world tomorrow?
  • Can you see how this is in your own best interests?
  • What challenges do we face if we make Hathor matter everywhere, for all?

We can't simply replicate the Merchant Philanthropist's embarrassment of riches for everyone on Earth. There are hard limits in terms of minerals and other resources.

Or are there?!

Is it possible that you hold one of the eXquisite solutions that with Second Sight Selection of Your NeXt Move could intersect the world's challenges with eXactly what is needed?

Let's find out!

The Hermit - X: What We Must Master ...

Alchemical Principle of X: Self-Mastery via the World of Matter

Kabbalistic Correspondence: Yod

Astrological Counterpart: Nekhbet (Virgo) or the Alchemical Egg

In The Ruby Mirror Tarot, The Hermit is the Magician (the male Magician) since the Mage (II) is female.

The Hermit's number is X, rather than IX, as is the norm. In Egyptian alchemy, there is no zero. Or, more to the point, since zero was not invented until much later in history, 0 is the unseen potential of undifferentiated totality.

The Hermit is also associated with the letter Yod in Hebrew, which refers to the hand of God.

Yod marks the right-hand path in the Tree of Life through which creative energy flows from Chochma (Wisdom) to Chesed (Mercy) then through Yod and into Tiphareth (in the center).

Energy can also flow down the right side from Chesed to Netzach (Victory). But Netzach represents a polarized position coming into form. Ironically, in the victory of Netzach unbalanced by Hod (Splendor), one risks volumizing something that will manifest and be established in a state of unhealthy imbalance.

You could make a convincing argument that this imbalance is known today as codependency. That is to say, it is Mercy unchecked by the boundaries and structure of Geburah (Severity). This Mercy manifests as accommodation of another's extraction and/or dysfunction at one's own expense.

The dead and dying cows signify that this bargain has reached a crescendo of hopelessness. But the presence of Hathor in the Ruby Mirror and the Moon, offers us an answer to the dilemma. The Hermit expresses the means of accessing the answer.

The Hermit, in the Intuitive Tarot, is the one who realizes that something beyond this material world and its distortions, especially THE DISTORTION of codependent systems, is calling.

The Hermit INvites us to back up and travel the INner path that leads from Chesed to Tiphareth. This INner path is not material, but spiritual. Yet its rectifying impact eventually shows up in the material world.

In the card's image, it is hard to tell which of three scenarios is depicted:

  • the diamond serpent with the pearl of wisdom creating the golden halo that then moves through the Hermit to the material world (of the Disks);
  • the Hermit is conjuring the snake who then imparts something that the Hermit manifests within the material world of the Disks; or
  • the imbalances in the material world of the Disks (money) is invoking the Hermit's transformative journey to alter itself in a timely manner.

Great misunderstandings have led to the snake being maligned beyond almost all recognition.

But the snake, in Kabbalah, is the waveform of possibility hidden in the ground (in the material world). It is also the basic tension that arises in the creative process.

Modern lore would call the snake anxiety and medicate it out of existence. Religious fervor would deem it evil and wage war against it. But the serpent's true identity is magnificent.

The serpent's name is Nachash (NaChaSh), and its numerical value is 358. It shares gematria with the word Moshiach (MoShiYaCa) or messiah. The connection between the two words leads to the conclusion that the exoteric symbols for the source of utter evil and complete redemption are of an equal nature. Can anything state the mystical view more clearly? The principle that repairs spiritual damage abides in the heart of life's basic tensions and conflicts. Where else could it be? Messianic redemption waits at the heart of life in whatever broken and distored form it arises in. This is what is embodied in the serpent Nachash. ∞ The Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis

In Egyptian alchemy, the snake symbolizes the divine authority (Udjit) conferred by spiritual awakening. But it is also present as the shadow the fire snake casts when we penetrate our deepest levels of consciousness (in the darkness of the Duat).

In the darkness and confusion of the Duat, as we question our habitual understanding of the world, the fire snake (the creative spirit) breaks free from one material expression. Its freedom allows for the fire of the neXt creative movement to rise and manifest.

Udjit is the power of spiritual authority and enlightenment that disperses the fiendish shadows represented by Apep (who is seen through the lens of illusion as the enemy of progress).

Apep is the illusion of danger and the shadowy terrors that appear upon the walls of our inner caverns. He shows up as the shadow snake cast by our creative fire breaking free from oppressive systems.

In a grand, collective bargain of codependency, those systems have structurally separated the creative force and its fruits from their source. The real danger lies in sustaining this pattern to its logical conclusion.

In plain English, the average person's creative energy is being extracted in a system that is currently debasing wages and transferring incredible amounts of wealth to the top of the system.

At the same time, fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, which were formed millions of years ago (from the remains of ancient plants and animals that stored the sun's energy through photosynthesis) have fueled the present economy for over a century. The stored carbon has now been released back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide (CO2). This release is creating vast imbalances in the Earth's climate.

Once we transcend the disproportionate realities of oppressive systems via the Hermit, Apep's neutrality is revealed. He merits no fearful attention at all. He is only the dark serpent shadow that appears when one creative movement breaks down so another can take shape.

The Hermit represents the spiritual and material power we regain when we master our creative power through interactions with the world. But we cannot repair our material circumstances without the influence of the Divine and the dynamic balance of polarities.

The Hermit stands as the pivot point between the absolute evil that can manifest when we misuse our creative power (through and for imbalance) and the pure beauty that becomes possible when we find balance within the middle pillar of the Tree.

We can only recognize our errors, however, within Malkut (the Kingdom of the material world).

Therefore, the thing we must master via our interactions with the market and the global volatility is clear:

The serpent's medicine.

Via the serpent's medicine, we learn to cross the divine creative blueprint with our creative impulses to manifest a world in balance with the planet. We learn the true meaning of justice.

If we do not learn to work with the magic of the snake to achieve the spiritual authority of our creative awakening, the disproportion will manifest as wonton destruction.

This kind of destruction arises when we cannot work with the tension. The tension is inherent in the blatant feedback of markets many experts claim not to understand and in the upsetting global volatility everyone is experiencing.

The last creative movement is over. Trying to cling to it or replicate it will only create more danger.

Failing to hear and heed the signs flashing red will lead to devastation.

Red can mean a desire for renewal that follows the Hermit's call or it may indicate renewal by devastation. The latter may not include humanity at all. Sober up! The party is over.

Within the serpent's medicine rests Teth, the Tree of Life path that leads from Mercy (Chesed) to Geburah (Severity or Strength) where the mINgling of these two energies creates a third:


The Hermit calls upon us to take the INward facing journey that leads to introspection and realization.

But his purpose goes beyond the fruits of balance and discernment.

Yod is the divine spark of the Father that comes alive as the first impulse to create. Wisdom is the watchword that encapsulates the seed and the creative spark of life it carries. On the flip side is Mother, Binah, the receptive womb of creation. Though gendered for illustration, these are not gendered concepts.

In Egyptian alchemy, Nu is the wise Father who rises out of the primordial waters as the first impulse to create. Nut is the Mother who represents the first vessel or point of division that appears to contain within it a separate form.

But none of this suggests two completely separate, polarized opposites as you might imagine. This is one creative totality.

The errors or distortions represented by the right side of the Tree cannot occur without the contractions of the left. It is only when we deny the power of either side in the creative process that imbalances can manifest.

If we are to benefit from the serpent's medicine, we must discern the truth of our interdependence.

The peril is total.

So is the potential for beauty.

Invest in tomorrow today!

Shape the trajectory or the future with compaSSion by shaping your reflection in the image of THE TRUE Philanthropist who is for all. That's the only way you can be for yourself anyhow - temporary material gains aside.

The Hermit's full expression is the Blessing Synergy of Justice and Prosperity that unites all in a Flourishing Fusion of creative expression.

Only denial of truth separates us into factions.

Did you know that nuclear fission is a manmade form of creating energy? It doesn't generally play a role in the Earth's creative processes or the ongoing creation of the Universe.

Provocative Questions:

  • What fears or hesitations do you have about embracing Hathor's values and embodying the True Philanthropist? How can you overcome these barriers?
  • In what ways might the pursuit of a more just and equitable world require you to let go of certain privileges or advantages? Are you willing to make these sacrifices for the greater good?
  • How can you cultivate the wisdom and discernment needed to navigate the complex challenges of this transformative time? What practices or resources can support you in this journey?
  • Can you see how the markets are the material world evoking the Hermit's journey with the serpent?

Clarification: The invitation to embody Hathor's values is not a call to abandon one's own beliefs or cultural traditions, but rather to find the points of resonance and common ground that can unite us in the pursuit of a better world.

Facing the challenge that unlocks NeXt: The Queen of Swords

Alchemical Principle: Receptivity and Emptiness

Kabbalistic Correspondence: Hé (YHVH) of the Tetragrammaton

Astrological Counterpart: 21st Degree of Nekhbet (Virgo) to the 20th Degree of Ma'at (Libra)

The Queen of Swords is the liberator of the mind. The term "mind" refers to our perceptual reality.

The Queen is the watery aspect of air. She refers to the ability of the mind to conduct electricity (ideas) throughout our bodies. She is the force of transmission.

Astrologically, she represents the 21st degree of Nekhbet (Virgo) to the 20th degree of Ma'at (Libra). As such, she calls upon us to balance our INdividuation via the world around us. She suggests that we make peace with our fellows also.

More to the point, she is another representation of the Hermit's task:

to achieve redemption via our relationship to the material world and our understanding of our interrelated position within the whole.

However, she raises a very precise means of liberating us from our perceptual reality:

Emptiness that makes space for the arrival of an alien idea.

This alien idea is so at odds with our usual sense of reality that it creates emptiness the moment it arises.

It blows apart the fixed sense of truth we rely upon.

This alien idea vexes our usual sense of ourselves and acts as a sacred agitator within us.

It dissolves the walls we have built to house things we were not ready to face.

But the alien idea is not only about breaking down our denial regarding the circumstances we face. It's an idea that makes room for itself.

It comes to us as a mandate. It wants to matter.

Nekhbet is the clearsightedness that attends a true evaluation of our circumstances and a shift in terms of what we value.

Ma'at is the solution we seek.

Ma'at, like Tiphareth, represents the dynamic balance of left and right that manifests as creation aligned with the original intent of life.

She is the kind of dynamic balance that exceeds human understanding and manifests on Earth as Hathor's reflection.

When Ma'at enters the mind she activates Thoth or Tehuti, the scribe who elaborates the idea into a narrative and a blueprint that can then become a system and set of structures. But this is not just any narrative. It's the narrative of the heart that balances all against one standard:

the lightness of being that weighs even less than Ma'at's feather (which lands on the other side of the scales).

Recall that the original impulse to create emerged from the primordial waters before anything else happened. There were no reflections of pain or sadness nor delusions of grandeur. There was just life emerging and evolving.

Lightness of being suggests a return, withIN ourselves, to the reflectionless, primordial water that contained all possibilities.

In short, the Queen invites us to do the unthinkable:

banish all the reflections and achieve the fertile renewing of our minds.

Without such a heavy-laden perceptual reality wedded to the constant reflections of division, we will be empty and free to reimagine everything. We can seed a new beginning for all.

In practical terms, global financial markets are huge amalgamations of human perception and sentiment. They are conductors and transmitters of currency, arbiters of value, and centers of INnovation.

When the markets reflect a pristine wholeness from which a new impulse to create arises and transmits, perhaps all of humanity will become free.

When the market distortions that create winners and losers arbitrarily are gone, perhaps compaSSionate co-creation is the natural result.

When sleight-of-hand manipulation that gives only to take is impossible to sustain, a market rebirth will be possible and a collective metamorphosis unleashed.

The curative medicine we seek is, after all, only available to us in the material world where spirit becomes matter.

Isn't it time to make something new matter?

To see and establish a new reflection?

Perhaps I seem naive.

I assure you that is not the case. I was once a decision-maker on a global level and I walked away. I surrendered all of my access to the material wealth of my career as a tax lawyer. I gave up all my institutional power. I moved to one of the poorest places on Earth.

Here, I have discovered that institutional power leaves you fragile (while protecting you from most of life's difficulties). It robs you of a fulsome perspective as completely as poverty robs you of knowledge about the forces that bind you in the great mirror trap of impossible burdens.

True power is antifragile and INherently creative. It is born not in boardrooms where the levers are pulled according to profit mandates, but on the ragged edge of hopelessness when facing death you learn to inhabit a new reality.

Those who move markets and those who invest in them may not yet understand the true meaning of peril that is total. But I do.

I come today as a beacon flashing red, inviting you to consider that more is possible for us all.

I could outline all the practical limitations we will face from climate change to entrenched systems. I could propose all the ways we might solve them. But I know that they would only present themselves as unsolvable riddles. Those conundrums only take us back into the old perceptual reality in which we are unable to change anything.

I think it is better to simply seed the new idea, namely that we could become a Blessing Synergy of Justice (Balance) and Prosperity.

We could emerge from this Tarot reading as a Flourishing Fusion, rather than a system that defeats thriving.


The alien idea makes space for itself. It empties out the old perceptual reality and sparks metamorphosis the moment we determine to seed it into the fertile ground of new beginning.

Ready to seed the new narrative?

About Rebecka Eggers

Rebecka Eggers, The Freedom Activator is a Meditation Improv Artist; the creator of The Passion Path® and the FLARE brand storytelling method; the author of Coming Alive!: Spirituality, Activism, & Living Passionately in the Age of Global Domination; and the creator of The Ruby Mirror Tarot. She lives in the mountainous highlands of Mexico, where she uses the tools of modern communication to make all kinds of trouble for every last stagnant, soul killing enemy of your potential. Rebecka challenges you to bring your dreams to life. She is trained as a Metaphysical Minister, a Co-Active Life Coach, a Reiki Master, and a tax lawyer (probably weren't expecting that last part, eh?). Finally, Rebecka holds a certificate in Digital Marketing through Emeritus and Columbia University, awarded with distinction in 2017. You can support Rebecka's writing via PayPal!

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